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Western Chandelier Co.


Since its inception in 1898, Western Chandelier Co. has been helping customers discover and create the best solutions for their homes with the best selection of indoor and outdoor lighting designs. With its expansive showroom and full warehouse located in southern Overland Park, customers can peruse 10,000 square feet of incredible indoor and outdoor lighting features, along with a variety of accessories, including mirrors, lamps, doorbell buttons and chimes and even a few prints. 

“Excellent customer service is our number one goal, and we are here to help and walk customers through the process,” expressed owner Wayne Burton. “Lighting has become somewhat of a fashion-conscious industry, and we strive to stay with trends, showcasing them to our customers through our various vignettes in our showroom.”

Because Western Chandelier Co. buys from more than 350 trusted manufacturers, the high-quality selections are seemingly endless, giving customers literally thousands of reasons to choose Western Chandelier Co. for their lighting needs. 

Burton addressed a recent demand for LED products, known for their long-life and energy-efficient performance, along with an affordable price tag.

“Many customers are now replacing their recessed cans with LED retrofits, which you can do yourself,” explained Burton. “You simply take the old trim and bulb out and replace it with an LED retrofit which contains the trim and integrated LED all in one piece, providing almost double the amount of light than a recessed can while simultaneously cutting down on energy use. These can be done in any color, from warm to blue and whiter to brighter.”

Responding to recent consumer demand for mixed metal finishes, including satin brass with oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel with oil rubbed bronze, Western Chandelier Co. offers a variety of light fixtures to meet these requests.

“We address all different styles, including farmhouse, rustic, mid-century modern and transitional, keeping our displays fresh and clean so people can see the various features,” noted Burton.

Above all, it is their unwavering focus on customer service that remains the top reason for Western Chandelier’s continued success.

“We have an extremely knowledgeable sales staff,” indicated Burton. “No one knows lighting better than our employees, and we also offer the best selection and the best customer support.”

What customers won’t find at Western Chandelier is the pressure to buy. Pushy they are not, but they do continually excel in guiding and educating customers as needed.

“We help with the design aspect and coordinate selections with your style, while also assisting with sizing,” explained Burton. 

While there may be certain supply chain issues among many industries in recent months, Western Chandelier Co. currently remains in front of those issues and can usually get 90% of what a customer orders on time, with only 10% of products on a shortened back order.

“Along with the manufacturer’s warranty, we personally warrant everything for a year,” said Burton. “And we also provide in-home repairs on newly-purchased items at no charge.”

What’s Next…

The wave of the future in lighting points to LED. Highly-energy efficient, LED lights use far less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs plus they have a much longer lifespan.

“Most lighting fixtures are trending towards LED and integrated LED which is manufactured into the fixture not as a bulb but as a printed circuit,” indicated Burton. “With integrated LED lighting, the life expectancy of 50,000 hours, compared to a normal light bulb at 1,200-1,500 hours. An LED replacement bulb can offer anywhere from 15,000 – 25,000 hours.”

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