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When one of Mark Sumada’s clients needed a few modifications made to his original custom home floor plans, Sumada didn’t hesitate. After all, taking the needs and desires of his clients and figuring out how to make it work for them is an integral part of Sumada’s niche within his home building arena as owner of Suma Design and Construction. If Sumada has a three-car garage floor plan but you have a vast collection of classic cars, consider the desired garage expansion done! Do you want a custom cigar room with added ventilation, windows and great views? Not a problem for Sumada.

“We are overly willing and excited to modify any floor plans we have to meet the customer’s needs,” noted Sumada, who consistently does so with great success with the help of his son Ben and his wife Pam Baker, an expert in the real estate industry.

As an award-wining modern/contemporary custom home builder with decades of experience, Sumada communicates his style in a unique and captivating manner. He understands intelligent design is a language in and of itself, and with each breath his designs take, they add significant value to the homes he creates. Sumada continues to elevate his company year after year, offering some of the most unique contemporary home designs in the market.  Even more unique to this company’s business, however, is its appeal to homeowners of all ages and demographics. His work speaks to anyone who appreciates his design language. Sumada is a custom builder with an impressive portfolio of designs, all of which can be tailored and customized for the client.

“We showcase our products in our models with the added advantage of being in a position to do what the client wants us to do,” Sumada emphasized. “We are a design-build builder and we will design, redesign and customize a home to meet the client’s needs.”

As a result, clients continually gravitate back to Sumada because this team is willing to make the home exactly as the client wants it, as long as it works. This is what makes Sumada Design and Construction successful.

“Mark is highly visionary, and with each design he creates, he continues to take them to another level,” expressed Baker.

A proven professional no matter the type of home, Sumada can construct homes in practically every style, but his true passion – and where he has firmly established himself – is as a modern luxury home builder. As a result of his deliberate approach to each home he creates, Sumada takes care of his clients and is highly-involved throughout the entire process of construction. No matter the design or price point, clients always get the builder with Suma Design and Construction.

What’s Next…

With the kitchen as the inarguable hub of the home many people are focusing their attention on this room. Suma has already focused his attention here by adding a built-in bar, upgraded tiles and cabinet features to embellish this space to provide the added conveniences for entertaining around the kitchen.

Also, as the current pandemic has necessitated a work-from home scenario. Suma has expanded his floor plans to include separate office spaces with the conveniences of their former work place. Suma has also given attention to  their living spaces via upgraded outdoor living area, including decks which are easily accessed from the interior of the home through folding doors.

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