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With family-owned roots over a century deep, Rosehill Gardens boasts a talented team of landscape designers who can breathe incredible new life into your outdoor living areas. With general offices in Martin City, Missouri, along with its retail center, guests can shop for shrubs, perennials, annuals, tropical plants, grasses and extensively more. In addition to quality plants, this talented team brings integrity and top-notch talent to the table, relying primarily on locally grown plants which are already acclimated to the soil and climate here in the Kansas City area.

But something new is on the horizon for Rosehill Gardens. By the end of this year, Rosehill Gardens is preparing for customers to purchase plants online through its web site. Not only will customers be assured of receiving products from a reputable and trustworthy company, but they can also request certain things not always available in the retail store.

“We will be able to match the customer with what they want and have it already to go when they come by to pick it up,” emphasized Curtis Stroud, CFO. “This is a nice, easy and comfortable way for people to shop and pick things out. It is secure, and all products will be personally hand-shipped and at the right temperature. Rosehill will also deliver to customers’ homes for those who don’t want to come to the retail location.”

In addition to quality merchandise and unparalleled customer service, Rosehill Gardens employs some of the best designers in the city, all of whom take great pride in their work. Award-winning Landscape Designer Gary Lueckenotto has been with the company for more than three decades. His primary goal in serving customers is to make dreams come true within their yard. Lueckenotto practically cut his teeth in the industry, as his father would have been considered a Master Gardener in his time. When he was young, Lueckenotto contemplated becoming an architect. With landscaping and gardening an integral part of his formidable years, combining the two disciplines became a natural fit.

“My dad intrinsically planted the seed for me,” noted Lueckenotto, who whole-heartedly notes his work is about more than just designing. “We have the capacity to grow plant materials, acclimate them to the environment and provide an unparalleled warranty, keeping the customers happy in the process.”

Lueckenotto’s Landscape Design abilities are complemented by a complete array of landscape services offered by Rosehill Gardens, including Lighting and Irrigation Design as well as Lawn and Landscape Maintenance. He is keen on the development of new varieties of plants, enabling “cutting-edge” and Rosehill proven performers. What’s most important to him, however, is maintaining a high level of integrity in his work.  He believes in landscape design that fully embraces all of one’s senses, is in harmony with nature, and is an expert at creating well-designed exterior spaces tailored specifically to the customer’s desires.

“We provide a high level of attention to detail and have the materials and capacity to implement all that we design,” indicated Lueckenotto, who works with customers across the spectrum, including hardscapes, lighting, and a vast array of plant materials.

What’s Next…

With more people spending time at home due to the pandemic, there is a stronger focus on outdoor living spaces. With that, people are paying more attention to their outdoor environments. Rosehill Gardens has a myriad of products and services to help customers expand on those spaces.  One of the new lines they are offering this year is concrete landscape edging, which is crafted to look more like classic border stone.

311 East 135th Street, Kansas City, Missouri

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