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At Open & Shut, the only thing we mess up is a perfectly good joke: Knock knock! “It’s open.” Well, there goes the opportunity to score points with a laugh. At Open & Shut, the door is always open to our customers, and once you get to know us you’ll realize we love a good laugh but we also mean business. When you decide to work with us, we have to warn you there will be multiple things to do before we get started. First one? Give us a call to secure a quote for your premium window and door replacement. Then, just relax. We’ll handle the rest. Whatever we do, our goal is to make it simple for our clients, just an open and shut case. Easy peasy. No fuss. No muss.

If your home needs a little pick-me up, or you’re considering some adventures in remodeling, perhaps it’s time to do some window (and door!) shopping…literally. 

As the residential exterior division of the award-winning Total Home Remodeling, Open & Shut prides itself on its window and door replacements. This premier window and door replacement company has but one mission: to help make your home more beautiful, comfortable and valuable through delivering and installing the highest-quality products via premium installation experience. For the best in quality window and door replacements, Open & Shut believes your home deserves the best, and we deliver on that commitment by using the best and most experienced team.

Carrying some of the most impressive brands on the market, including Marvin, Pella and Andersen products, the possibilities are endless in terms of selections and styles. And if that type of name dropping doesn’t impress you, then perhaps this will: we can completely customize your project. (Now we got your attention!)

“In collaboration with the remodeling side, we are able to tackle any of the framing, construction, drywall and stucco repair needs, among many other construction-related issues,” emphasized Misty Stocksdale, who oversees the sales division. “When a client wants something, we make it happen. We simply guide people into making decisions that make sense.”

As Kansas City’s window and door replacement experts, providing the best in products and service doesn’t stop there. Open & Shut also provides a Life Proof Guarantee. We understand life happens, and if a window or door ever needs to be fixed, repaired or replaced, our certified team will handle it as long as you live in your home. Whether it be a baseball, golf ball, weed wacker or lawn mower, we’ll get it fixed. No questions asked. It’ll be an open and shut case.

And our commitment to each client is unparalleled. We attend to the smallest of details, such as new trim, staining, disposal and cleanup. We will even move furniture and reinstall blinds. What we dispose of the most is any worries you might have. We’ve been told we’re pretty good at that type of clean up.

With decades in the business and working with certified, professional and experienced crew members, clients can take comfort in knowing that not only is the best work being done, but it is also being done right through the highest level of achievement.

But all you really need to know is that Open & Shut provides the easiest window and door buying experience, period. We believe that when life closes a door, you can just open it again. That’s how they work. Windows, too. (And that’s a promise we hope you’ll see right through!)

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“Our goal is to find a way to make the process of selecting windows and doors simple,” said Stocksdale. “We understand it can be overwhelming, so our goal is to make it as simple of a process as possible to achieve exactly what the customer wants to do. As a result, we eliminate a lot of the potentially frustrating steps for the customer.”

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