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Karin Ross Designs


Karin Ross means business. As owner of the award-winning design+build Karin Ross Designs, Ross specializes in Kansas City kitchen remodeling and bath remodels. Her main goal is to determine what her clients want and then deliver that to them as expected to their full satisfaction and without any surprises. Ross has a strategic method of taking the client from point A to point Z: plan, prepare, order and install. From initial design to the final result, she oversees the entire project, tending to all of the details and putting the client’s mind at ease. As a result, she delivers a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

A consummate professional, Ross intently and thoughtfully listens to the ideas of the client, provides her own insight, and designs a product with longevity in mind. Her expansive showroom in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, now undergoing an exciting expansion, is open to the public and is full of myriad samples from which to choose.

A natural born leader of design style, Ross can effortlessly capture a vision. She naturally gravitates towards timeless, elegant styles that blend seamlessly with appropriate touches of modern and classic influences, letting each project she oversees bask in the limelight of the more distinguished and eloquent flavors of design for which she is known. As a result of her work, she recently was honored with two Bronze awards from the 2020 ASID Heartland Design Awards.

“I make sure everything is done correctly from the beginning,” she emphasized. “I have to think of the look and the function of the space as well as take into consideration how it will stand the test of time. I want it to last. I need to fully understand what the client is looking for so I can pre-select items to avoid overwhelming them and to avoid mistakes.”

Highly proactive in her approach, Ross anticipates what might happen and resolves issues before clients even realize there are any issues. A purveyor of truly custom design+build jobs, Ross is proving to be a strong leader in the remodeling industry. She can take a project from beginning to end that beautifully and effectively captures each client’s desires. Even when certain delays may occur (see Fresh View box), Ross emphasized her standards of service will never change.

“If you want a project done, you have to be prepared to wait a little longer than normal due to Covid-related delays right now,” she explained. “However, this does not mean you will get less of me. I am ready to service my clients as needed. I truly enjoy the end result, as it looks like it always belonged there and the clients are ecstatic.”

Fresh View…

Due to Covid-related delays in products, Ross indicated clients should exercise patience with their projects. Because she is not a mass production company and specializes in high-end custom remodels, such patience becomes a true asset at this time. However, despite certain uncontrollable delays, Ross’ commitment to her clients is unwavering. Her focus is to ensure the project stays on time and that each client will be taken care of to the highest standards. At this time, however, the product delays have simply created a temporary pivot with respect to project timelines. What hasn’t changed for Ross, though, is her constant delivery of excellence.

1260 NW Sloan, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

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