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Serving the Kansas City area since 1980  in both residential and commercial projects, family-owned and operated Fritz Painting, founded by Gene Fritz, can handle any job (large or small; commercial or residential) and has worked with numerous high-profile builders in the area, further solidifying the company’s reputation for producing quality work. Gene works alongside his wife, Cathy, who assists with marketing, and their two sons, Luke and Jack, both of whom are partners.

With an impressive portfolio of clients, Fritz Painting has gained recognition for its skilled application of lacquer, enamel, and various types of paints and stains for interior and exterior paint projects with cost-efficient methods.

Providing customers with the highest quality of paint services at fair and market competitive prices is the overall mission of Fritz Painting. As this 40-year-old company solidifies its roots even deeper for its third generation leadership, the repeat and referral business it acquires is what stands as a strong testament to complete customer satisfaction in all areas of the project: workmanship, scheduling, communication and cleanliness.

“When we give a bid, whether for a few rooms or an entire house, for example, our estimates and travel time are free,” expressed Cathy. “We itemize everything out and we will send a quote to the client from which they can pick and choose what they want us to do. This helps the client decide on the scope and cost of the project and eliminates any elements of surprise.”

Whether interior, exterior, cabinet finishes, decks or wood replacement, Fritz Painting covers all the bases with a keen attention to detail.

“We pride ourselves on superior prep work,” emphasized Cathy. And that prep work makes a substantial difference when it comes to the overall finished project. Fritz Painting will move furniture away from the walls and cover it with new plastic. Floors are protected with drop cloths and any holes and cracks in the drywall will be repaired based on client request. Repaired areas will be primed; attention to clean up post-project is tantamount; and a thorough inspection of the work via a walk-through with the customer ensures nothing has been overlooked. However, should the customer notice something after the crew has left, Fritz Painting stands by its work and will immediately rectify the issue.

While Fritz Painting relies on a trusted selection of superior, preferred paints, if a client wants a specific paint brand, they  will be accommodated. Further, help is available with color selection and design.

“We understand color selections are personal. It can be difficult for a client to decide on the color that best reflects their style,” noted Cathy. “We have several designers and decorators that we recommend for color consultations to help with this decision process.”

Fritz Painting is also insured and listed as an EPA Lead-Certified painting company, which essentially translates to attention to safety and meeting government regulations. If your home was built prior to 1978, it is important the contractor is certified and trained by EPA-approved training to follow lead-safe work practices.

Fresh View…

The experts at Fritz Painting recommend new home exteriors get repainted five years after construction. And based on the calls they receive from returning clients, followup paintings should occur seven to ten years after that. Sun and wind exposure of the house will, of course, affect the longevity of the paint.

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