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Central States Tile & Dimensional Stoneworks


It’s no surprise Central States Tile and Dimensional Stoneworks were considered essential businesses during the past year of the pandemic. These locally-owned and operated companies have a primary focus on upholding the strong relationships they have with their valued customers, from which they will never stray.

Known as Kansas City’s premier tile distributor of fine porcelain tile and natural stone, Central States Tile, Inc. brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the tile industry that far exceeds the standard. 

“This company demands exceptional service from its employees and is highly focused on quality and customer service, standing behind its products and treating clients exactly how they would want to be treated,” expressed Central States Tile owner, Gary Sowell, who founded this company in 1989 and works with specific trade people but also welcomes the general public to browse their 3,000 square foot showroom, operated in conjunction with Dimensional Stoneworks. Sowell established Dimensional Stoneworks in 1996 with business partner Tim McDonough responding to the need for another high-end fabricator in town. Since that time, these two companies have successfully synergized operations by providing a superior selection of quality materials that are available and in stock.

“We are very blessed and fortunate to have survived through this pandemic, and we look forward to continuing good business this year and beyond,” emphasized Sowell, who never takes his eyes off the coming horizon and continues to invest in new products, inventory and people.

Noting the stone business has gained considerable velocity in the past decade, Sowell enjoys educating consumers about the benefits of the various products he offers, which includes an exclusive collection of granite and quartz products, many of which are imported from Italy.

“Granite is a superior product that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting” he indicated. “The quartz industry is also growing in demand.”

Among the new products Sowell expects to arrive in the future include porcelain slabs, which have dominated the floor tile industry and are quite popular on the coasts. This product, that can mimic anything and appear more realistic than natural stone, will undoubtedly be a game changer with its beautiful and bullet-proof presence. However, this coming technology has not quite reached home base here at Central States Tile. When it does, however, Sowell anticipates they will be quite popular with their seemingly limitless applications and ease of maintenance.

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Sowell cautioned that with the escalation of product, raw materials and freight prices, coupled with truck driver shortages, patience is required on the consumer end. However, that has not diminished the company’s attention to the customer. They continue to operate a synergized partnership between Central States Tile and Dimensional Stoneworks, complete with a showroom open to the public and some of the most talented employees, such as Sheryl Calvin and Dean Collins, who are critical to the on-going success of these companies.

8301 West 125th Street, Suite 110, Overland Park, Kansas

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