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Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc.


While you may not know a lot about steel beams, they have a host of important uses in the structural world. Frequently they are relied upon as critical support trusses in the main framework of buildings. Steel beams have a significant role to play in that they ensure the structural integrity of the building, courtesy of their constant strength and support abilities.

As a structural steel beam supplier, Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc. specializes in steel structural beams for residential home builders in Missouri and Kansas. As President of this company, Kim Dunn continues a long-standing tradition of commitment to excellence and quality.

“My parents started the business in 1978,” stated Dunn, who began working alongside her father in 1994 and subsequently became President/Owner in 2005. Maintaining impressive velocity, Dunn applied for her WBE, DBE and SLBE through the City of Kansas City and for her WBE through the State of Missouri shortly after taking the helm. In 2008, the company began working on small commercial jobs when the residential sector began to wane. As a result, Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc. expanded its already impressive portfolio.

“We are a full service steel beam company,” explained Dunn. “We customize beams and columns to our customers specifications. They are primed and put on our fleet of crane trucks and delivered to the job site where our certified NCCCO crane operator boom the beams into place.”

It’s not just beams and columns this company sells, however. If it is steel-related, it can be fabricated, from square and rectangular tubing, flat, channel, angle or basically anything a customer might need, Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc. can provide. To many people, it may just be steel beams, but in reality, these   trusses can almost magically transform into incredible works of unique art.

“I have seen some pretty amazing things come out of our shop just from someone’s idea or imagination,” expressed Dunn. “We have access to all steel product to meet our customers’ needs.”

Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc. is staffed by some of the best in the business, too, which includes three certified welders. The amazing staff takes pride in the product they prepare and ship out, with quality and service always in full supply.

While shopping for steel beams is not on one’s everyday list of things to do, when you do need them, you want to trust them. That is why Blue Springs Beam Service, Inc. stands as a strong and respected leader in the business.

“One of the many things that contribute to our success is our customer service. Our integrity and our communication with our builders is key,” reflected Dunn. “Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication my amazing staff shows every day. We truly are a team.”

Fresh View…

In the 26 years Dunn has been in the business she has seen beam sizes and the amount of beams in a home increase exponentially. She indicated buyers today are more informed and realize the bigger the beam in height and pound, the longer you can span without a column, which is perfect for those wide open floor plans that are so desirable today.

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