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Aqua Blue Designs, Inc.


If you want to find paradise by the poolside, then Aqua Blue Designs, Inc. just may have what you are searching for. This past year of the pandemic has seen a lot of changes being made to people’s homes because the way they use them now has drastically changed. More people are working from home; kids are attending school remotely; vacations have been put on hold; and families are simply spending more time at home. As a result, people often want to focus on upgrades and renovations. This often translates to the backyard living areas.

“People are now looking to their backyards and wanting do something fun and interesting,” expressed Norm Whitted, owner of Aqua Blue Designs, Inc., a locally-owned, bonded and fully insured business that stands as the metro’s premier installer of fiberglass pools and spas.

Fiberglass pools have seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They are easy to maintain; they work great with salt chlorinated water; they can be installed faster; and they are typically more cost effective than concrete. A fiberglass pool is a standout in the longevity department, too. A concrete pool requires resurfacing about every seven to 10 years, while a vinyl liner pool needs a liner replacement about every 10-12 years. A fiberglass pool requires only that you continue to enjoy it year after year. Plus, a fiberglass pool can retain its water year-round, as the flexibility of its material allows for compatibility with times of freezing and thawing.

When you partner with Aqua Blue Designs, Inc., you are working with one of the area’s oldest and most experienced fiberglass pool contractors and installers. 

“The time for fiberglass pools has come,” emphasized Norm Whitted, owner of Aqua Blue Designs. “Fiberglass pools are more popular than ever and we have seen great demand for them within the Kansas City area.”

Aqua Blue Designs, Inc. specializes in custom work and designs each pool specifically to the client’s needs and desires. Along with the benefit of a lifetime structural warranty, these pools are spectacularly beautiful, and because Whitted works with several manufacturers, he can offer clients a selection of nearly 300 different shapes, sizes and configurations in a variety of colors. 

“We can produce a variety of custom-made pools that include the highly popular tanning ledges, beach entries, diving boards, waterfalls, spas, and infinity edges, all of which enhance the appeal and usefulness of your pool,” emphasized Whitted. “Our pools are also available with automatic covers to keep debris, dust and other elements out of them when not in use.”

Fiberglass pools are highly compatible with salt chlorine generators, too.

“The saltwater chlorinator generator we use in our pools makes its own chlorine which maintains the perfect balance of chlorine that you cannot smell or taste, and it will not bleach out hair or skin,” noted Whitted, who can also install a UV ozone generator as another means to disinfect the pool.

So, can you really tell the difference between a fiberglass pool compared to the rest? Yes, because the high-quality materials and exemplary craftsmanship make them a standout in the arena.

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Whitted indicated there are numerous companies building pools today. However, it is important to remain vigilant about how much experience those installers may or may not have. Be sure to do your research, read the reviews and settle on someone who has the qualifications and experience building and installing fiberglass pools.

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