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Scott Bickford is a true master of his craft. As owner and founder of the award-winning Bickford + Company Residential Architects, he leads a team of seven other visionaries like himself with whom he collaborates to bring the most innovative and thought-provoking designs to life for their clients. In addition to this group of professionals, Bickford also brings the elements of inspiration, delight, and intrigue into each and every project. When asked to describe his design style, he referred to it as “personal architecture.”

“By this term, we mean individualized residential architecture, developed through a team approach involving not only our staff of professional designers but also the builder and especially the client,” explained Bickford, a 41+ year professional who is a member of the American Institute of Architects and associate member of the Home Builders Association. “We take great pride in creating client-centered custom designs and in resolving difficult or unusual circumstances to achieve the result best suited to the client.”

Bickford thoroughly enjoys his work, besides designing speculative houses, his passion is designing homes for people.

“I like talking to the people who will actually use the home and not just imagine who will live in it,” reflected Bickford, whose inspiration comes from myriad sources, including industry publications, his travels across the country, and from what the clients themselves bring to the table.

“I enjoy the people and learning about their lives and lifestyle and then trying to determine how to accommodate their needs through the architecture and design,” emphasized Bickford.

While Bickford and his team have completed thousands of projects over the years, there is always room for growth and further understanding of the craft.  Bickford never wants to stop learning. That is what motivates him to continue to create.  

“Homes are a reflection of our lifestyle,” he noted. As such, he truly listens to his clients to fully understand exactly what they desire in a home and how they fully intend to live in it.

Interestingly, what Bickford has noticed lately is an uptick in garages, whether an extension of a smaller garage or something as massive as a 15-car garage. No matter what is of value and importance to the client, Bickford will work tirelessly to see those dreams come true. He does caution, however, that budget limitations can pose a hurdle for some people. Thus, he urges people to be realistic about what they can afford.

“I encourage clients to go tour a million-dollar home to see what a million dollars will get them,” Bickford explained. “It is important to be familiar with what things cost and to be more realistic about how that impacts your budget. Everything is way more expensive than you might think.”

No matter the vision, the budget, or the desired lifestyle, Bickford and his team operate with a keen focus on each client with a full understanding of the environment in which the project is set. This assures the client a well-made home that reflects exactly how the client wants to live in it. Sometimes that may just call for a pivot in a different direction that will still get you to where you want to be.

Fresh View

Bickford has seen a gravitation away from the all-white look, with clients moving towards more grays and tans. Further, many homeowners are more budget-driven now and are leaning towards renovation and remodeling as opposed to building a new home.

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