String Along

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Outdoor spaces are a place for creating memorable experiences. There are endless possibilities of how to design and decorate your area, but one area not to overlook is outdoor lighting. Whether enjoying the solitude and the soothing night noises or hosting a gathering of friends, incorporating outdoor lighting can turn a regular area into a magical one.

String lights are one of the most versatile and creative ways to add ambiance with just a simple touch. Their options are endless. Go delicate with smaller twinkle lights or bolder with Edison bulbs. Choose solar lights, battery operated or plug-in. Turn them on at sunset and the mood is set. 

The popularity of string lights continues to grow and so do the styles. The options are plentiful when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere on your deck or patio for you and your guests to enjoy.

Twinkle Fairy Lights

These are perfect for creating the stars in- the-sky look. These dainty lights can be clear or choose a colorful strand to use around festive seasons. Drape these lights to create an aura of mystic.

Festoon Globe Lights 

These strings of globe lightbulbs will enhance your outdoor space. Available in large and small globe bulbs, find the size that complements your space. Add in a fun look by incorporating a festoon pendant drop.

Vintage String Lights 

Also known as Edison bulbs, these bulbs add  a timeless, retro feel to your space. Selecting amber-tinted glass will produce a warm glow to relax in. 

Solar LED Lantern String Lights

Solar-powered string lights are perfect for those areas without electric outlet access and have no battery worries. Powered by the sun, these string lights come with a solar panel that can be staked in a nearby sunny area. 

Rope Lights

Enclosed in a small PVC tube, these tiny bulbs are generally used in gardens or other outdoor areas. Perfect for adding definition along outdoor steps or wrapping them around the deck railing. For a fun twist, circle tree trunks and limbs to light up the yard.

Fun Shaped String Lights

Whatever the occasion, it’s easy to find string lights with character. From metal stars to jack-o-lanterns to fiesta lights, novelty bulbs are a mainstay for adding a spark of personality to your space. Easy to change out for whatever the occasion.   

Tips and Tricks

  • Before you head out, take a look at your space. How high will you hang your lights? Where will you hang them from? How you hang them can be as creative you as make it. Hang from a ceiling (think pergola), string from tree to tree or tree to house, use poles to suspend them, or rope around a dining or seating area. 
  • Size it up. For string lights, a simple way is to use string or twine and then measure the final length. Stretch it from point to point where you want your lights to hang. Be sure to go back and forth across your deck or patio to get your footage count. And don’t forget to include the distance to the outlet!
  • Rather than nails to hang your lights, stainless steel screw hooks or cup hooks are a good alternative. 
  • If you have a smaller area, going with a few short strings tends to provide easier placement than one long string.
  • And these lights aren’t just for hanging. Decorate ornamental trees that you may have in pots on your patio to add a fun touch and light up a corner. 

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