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Sharon G. Aubuchon

Luxury Home Specialist

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In the world of real estate, especially in the luxury market, finding the perfect timing to buy or list a property can seem like a daunting task. As potential buyers and sellers anxiously await the ideal conditions, they may often find themselves wishing they had a crystal ball that could reveal the best time to make their move. However, there is one seasoned and respected real estate agent whose expertise in the luxury market has allowed her to navigate this intricate terrain with finesse and precision: Sharon G. Aubuchon, Realtor with RE/MAX Premier Realty.  

One of the most common mistakes in the luxury real estate market is the misconception that waiting for interest rates to drop will lead to a better deal. Sharon, who is the #1 RE/MAX agent in the State of Kansas, serving both buyers and sellers and is a member of the RE/MAX Elite Club, firmly believes this is not necessarily the case. Rather than waiting for lower rates, she advises her clients to seize  the current opportunity. 

“Buying now can prove advantageous, as most lenders offer a free refinance option (meaning no out-of-pocket expenses to you) when rates do eventually drop,” she explained. “This means clients can enjoy the benefits of their purchase now, without the fear of missing out on lower rates in the future.”

In a market where bidding wars and over-asking offers can become the norm, Sharon is certified in a cash buyer program that provides a distinct edge to her clients. The approach allows the bank to purchase the property on behalf of the client, only to sell it back to them after closing, avoiding a bidding war. 

When it comes to listing homes, Sharon has mastered the art of negotiations and creative deal-making. Her ability to secure price reductions, inspections, and even repairs for her clients has set her apart in the industry. 

A recent success story of Sharon’s involved her orchestration of the sale of a property in the Country Club Plaza area, which had been on the market for quite some time. Through her expertise and skillful negotiation tactics, she secured a substantial price reduction. Needless to say, her clients were pleased.

Further, Sharon is well-known for her straightforward response to the age-old question posed by potential buyers: “What do you think the seller will sell the house for?” She encourages buyers to submit an offer and by leveraging her deep industry connections and experience, she can ensure her clients’ offers stand out, even in a competitive market.

“If you love a home and not the price, write an offer. Don’t wait,” emphasized Sharon. “You will never know until you try.  Many times as agents we do not know until an offer is presented.”

“An offer is more than just the offer amount,” Sharon noted. “All terms are considered; not just the offer price.”

And Sharon’s clients cannot say enough positive things about her. Her 5-Star ratings back her ability connect and serve those who trust her to find and sell their homes is astounding. A recent Zillow review highlights what a professional, caring, and hardworking Realtor Sharon is:

“Sharon is a real estate professional who cares for her client’s need. A hardworking, honest person who will always fight for her client. I had an amazing experience working with her and would love to do many more. Ethics, morals, and justice are her core values. A person that you want by your side whether you choose to buy or sell real estate.”

While that proverbial crystal ball may remain elusive, Sharon’s expertise and intuition serve as an ideal substitute, ensuring her clients make the right moves at the right time in the ever-changing luxury real estate market. Sharon is THE Realtor for you.

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