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Koehler Building Company

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When it is time to build that quality new custom home you have been dreaming of, then it is time to call Koehler Building Co., Inc. to put your dream into motion. Known for quality construction and outstanding architectural design, Koehler Building Co. puts the “wow” factor into each and every design and detail. More than just homes, Koehler Building Co. creates works of art that will leave you speechless with their impeccable design and details while still remaining welcoming and comfortable enough to easily call home.

Owner Brian Koehler grew up in the home building business, and as a result he has created a highly diversified portfolio of ideas and inspirations, with a building portfolio that includes more than 1,000 homes. The son of a home builder, Koehler cut his teeth in the industry and was on his first job site by the age of 14.   

From a young age, he began to acquire all the tools of the trade in terms of knowledge and experience, assuming a hands-on approach with every project in which he was involved, a method he still applies today.

Working alongside Brian is his wife, Kim, and their son, Justin, who is positioning himself to one day continue the Koehler legacy when his father decides to retire. However, with so much inspiration and so many ideas that continually flow through his creative thought process, he still has much exciting work to do and is never at a loss for extraordinary new ideas.  

Known for his innovative design ideas, Koehler employs a decidedly artistic edge to each of his creations. Drawing on influences from other parts of the country, he routinely brings new ideas to the Midwest, initiating trends and sparking enthusiasm in his clients, leaving a lasting footprint on the path of what homeowners now demand in terms of style and comfort when it comes to the layout and artistic expression of their homes.

When you build a home with the award-winning Koehler Building Co., you are guaranteed an experience like no other.  

“Brian is very hands on,” said Kim. “He meets with each client and talks with them through the whole process, checking on the build jobs every week and being available for them at all times even though there is a superintendent on site.”

Koehler works with a skilled decorator, Laura Lovett, who gives every home a special touch. Kim indicated he does have a keen eye himself for design, and his touch is frequently seen throughout the homes he builds.

Communities in which Koehler currently builds include Loch Lloyd, Hills of Leawood, Mission Ranch, Timber Rock, Mills Ranch, Glen Eagles, Villas of Avalon, Aventino, Estates of Timber Springs and Triple Creek.

Every Koehler home comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Koehler and his team listen to what homeowners want and then incorporate those ideas into the homebuilding process, complementing them with their expertise and talent. If clients have a vision, Koehler can beautifully and artistically bring that vision to life. A Koehler home is known for quality, craftmanship and value, but also becomes a place where a lifetime of memories are made to create its true foundation.  

When you build a Koehler home, you build a legacy to last a lifetime.


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