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Johnnie Adams Homes

Top Custom Home Builder and Real Estate Team

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If there was a recipe for success within the home building industry, Johnnie Adams of Johnnie Adams Homes just might be the author for those instructions. For more than three decades, Adams has been consistently delivering value, quality, and satisfaction. The secret to his unwavering success lies in his ability to build uncommon homes with features many other builders promote as upgrades. From artistic trim packages to elegant cabinetry to expansive floor plans and an unparalleled attention to detail. A Johnnie Adams Home is one that will truly tell the story of who you are, and it will reveal just the kind of trusted builder Adams is.

Adams, who has sold over 1,800 homes throughout his career. He originally began building in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs, living in the communities in which he builds.

He personally oversees each of his builds which is an integral part of his process. Adams places a strong emphasis on consistent, open, authentic communication every step of the way. As one who understands that buying a new home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime, Adams does not take his responsibility to each client lightly. He personally ensures their complete satisfaction. In fact, Adams has often lived within each neighborhood in which he builds to provide more of a “boots on the ground” presence. Translation? His clients have not only become his neighbors but also his friends. This is an integral part of the trust equation he holds so dear. 

One of the communities in which Johnnie Adams Homes is currently building is Oak Run in Olathe, Kansas. This community offers single-family homes starting in the $450,000s running through the mid $550,000 price point. Established around 2018, Oak Run is the perfect place to call home, and Adams attends to every detail to make sure each home and community is a happy place.

“The 8th Phase in Oak Run sold out in under a year. We are now breaking ground in phase 9,” noted Holly Bond, lead sales specialist and onsite coordinator, continuing, “I have recently expanded the on-site sales team in Oak Run by starting Prestige Property Partners, which will allow our sales specialists the ability to work with buyers purchasing, sellers listing resale, any new construction and investments properties. This move will expand our business platform allowing us to assist all buyers or sellers we come in contact with. Working alongside Johnnie Adams Homes for almost 16 years has given me the knowledge and growth for our team to assist buyers in any new construction. We are constantly striving to expand the team and areas of real estate in which we specialize. Prestige will allow us to continue to grow the community and our brand.”

She emphasized that with everything our industry has experienced over the last two years they have been constantly adapting and upgrading their systems to better service buyers, part of that is the new Prestige team. 

“Across the board we have been analyzing our customer service protocol. When you endure what we all experienced in the climate of new construction you experience so many things you can’t control. You begin to look at all the things you can, and focus on those to make every experience better for your homeowners,” she emphasized.

“Building a home for a family is considerably more involved and demanding than simply building a house,” Adams explains. “By guaranteeing the highest standards and an unwavering attention to detail, a trust is developed between the homeowner and myself that I take very seriously and hold dear. I am dedicated to providing each of my clients a value that goes well beyond the structure itself.”

Since Bond has worked at Johnnie Adams Homes for two decades, she is a vital part of the company’s success. As one who wears many hats, she makes sure the experiences of each client are easily navigated and equally enjoyable.

“Johnnie is the type of person who, whenever living in one of the communities he develops, will actually go out and clean the streets after a snowstorm,” emphasized Bond. “That is just the type of person he is. Johnnie is fully committed to running his own jobs and is the only builder in each community, which allows him to control the pricing and provide more value to each client. He builds in volume so he can provide a volume discount.”

They have a variety of floor plans and options from which customers can choose, and all floor plans can be customized to meet each client’s needs and preferences.

And the clients have plenty to say about their experiences:

“Johnnie built everything how we wanted and provided quick responses to our questions,” indicated one homeowner, who found it easy to work with Holly and appreciated all the live updates as progress continued on the project.

In addition to providing a seamless experience from start to finish, Johnnie Adams Homes has also implemented a warranty system to further ensure each client’s satisfaction.

“We have a warranty specialist who comes back after the closing to work directly with the buyer, adding more of a personal touch to the transaction,” expressed Bond.

When it comes to excellence, Johnnie Adams Homes checks all the boxes: excellent products, excellent client relationships, excellent service and excellent reputation. 


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