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Arvest Bank

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In the realm of financial institutions, trust and expertise are two pillars that can make or break a bank’s reputation. Arvest Bank stands tall, backed by its years of trusted experience and a team that understands the intricate art of lending. The fact they were named the 10th largest producing team in Kansas City for 2022 speaks volumes about their prowess. For a decade now, they’ve consistently ranked in the Top 10 for loan origination production. 

“Our team’s expertise is further illustrated by the fact we have 17 loan originators in Kansas City,” emphasized Jason Peters, Vice President and Mortgage Lending Manager, NMLS #402102. “Two of these professionals have been in the business less than 10 years, and already ranked among the top 50 producers in the city.” This rapid ascent to success is a testimony to Arvest’s robust training, its inclusive culture, and the diverse range of financial products they offer.

Unlike many banks that choose to offload loans, Arvest exhibits its confidence and commitment to its customers by retaining most of their loans on their balance sheet. 

“We retain servicing for 99% of our loans and are still here to answer questions long after the loan closes,” expressed Peters. Thus, customers are ensured they can always speak directly to their lender, a rarity in today’s automated world. Such a practice gives clients comforting peace of mind, reassuring them Arvest is a constant partner in their financial journey.

Among the products offered at Arvest offers include Arvest Homebuyer Advantage and their Physician Home Loans.

The Arvest Homebuyer Advantage* product helps first-time homebuyers who do not have sufficient down payment funds to purchase a home. Qualified first-time homeowners could avoid the need for a down payment when looking for an Arvest mortgage thanks to a new loan product offered as a joint venture between Arvest Bank and the Arvest Opportunity Fund, a wholly owned, non-bank subsidiary of Arvest.

The new product allows qualified first-time homebuyers to secure financing with no down payment and no private mortgage insurance fee and empowers homeownership success through financial education requirements. With the Arvest Homebuyer Advantage, the first Arvest mortgage is combined with an Arvest Opportunity Fund second mortgage that closes simultaneously and is collateralized by the same property.

left to right…  Carmen Schaunaman    NMLS #1134049,  Paul England    NMLS #403942, Bridget Oelklaus-Gering    NMLS #559055 and John Kelley II    NMLS #1484736

The Physician Home Loans cater specifically to certain healthcare professionals. Recognizing the unique financial situations of those in the medical field, these loans require no down payment and have no mortgage insurance attached. Even medical doctors in residency can take advantage of these benefits. The idea is simple: support them in their early years and help then upgrade when they establish themselves. 

While Arvest’s tradition and expertise are unparalleled, they haven’t shied away from embracing modern technology. Their app, Home4Me™, is a testament to this end. From sending to signing documents, everything can be executed seamlessly from your smart phone. In an era where home buying is often the most significant financial investment one makes, Arvest ensures the process is smooth and trustworthy.

Moreover, with a remarkable 99% of its loans serviced in-house, Arvest emphasizes post-loan customer service. Even after the loan closes, they remain available to address concerns and answer questions, showcasing a genuine interest in the long-term well-being of their customers. Their 19 local branches further underline their commitment to the market.

From aiding the dreams of first-time buyers to catering to those with aspirations for a multimillion-dollar home, Arvest has a diverse and unique portfolio of products to suit individual needs. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, two of the bank’s loan originators are fully bilingual in Spanish.

In essence, Arvest Bank seamlessly weaves the wisdom of experience with the agility of the modern age. Their dedication to understanding and catering to individual needs makes them not just a bank, but a trusted financial partner. When you choose Arvest, you choose a legacy of trust and innovation.

For more information on the benefits of Arvest Bank home loans, visit them online at or call 913.261.2265.

To set an appointment with an Arvest associate for services including Home Loans, go to  

* This product is not offered in areas where USDA mortgage products are available, unless the borrower does not meet USDA loan requirements. Additionally, the Arvest Homebuyer Advantage mortgage product is only offered when paired with the Freddie Mac Home Possible® mortgage. Loans subject to credit approval.

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