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Tradition Home Group

The award-winning Tradition Home Group, led by lifelong friends Shannon Stumpenhaus and Nickole Stark-Glover is dedicated to achieving results and offering a high-quality client experience. This is accomplished in part by doing many things well, but in particular, providing a concierge-like real estate experience. Tradition Home Group, a part of the Compass Realty Group brokerage, delivers a high level of service, and a strong commitment to always doing the right thing, every time.

Again and again, this unstoppable duo continues to climb to new heights. This year has been no exception. It seems that with each passing year, they continue to evolve and present with an even better version of themselves than the year before. This is what naturally happens when you combine passion, commitment, and enthusiasm and apply all of that to your work. With those characteristics, Tradition Home Group is excited to announce its new venture: Our Favorite Things.

“It’s been our dream to do this,” emphasized Stark-Glover, speaking about their new lifestyle store that features nearly everything you can think of in terms of home décor, design, style, and gifts. The new retail store has some of the most unique items you can find in the Kansas City marketplace.

Stumpenhaus and Stark-Glover had been thinking about starting such a venture for quite some time. It is not unusual for clients to reach out to them for design advice, and frequently ask, “What are some of your favorite things?” Hence, the name was born, and the idea came to life.

Located in The Village at Burlington Creek Shopping Center in Kansas City at 64th street and I-29, this delightful store is a one-stop shop for all your home décor and gift needs, including wallpaper, fabric, furniture, art, and more. “We have something for everyone,” said Stumpenhaus. The store features layers of fun and exciting items with a wide variety of selections that work for every room in the house, with varying price ranges to meet any need, budget, style, or taste. “Whether you need to pick up a sofa today or want to design your own, we can help!” noted Stark-Glover.

This location also houses their real estate office and truly is designed to make your new home purchase seamless in all aspects. No matter where you are in the home buying and/or selling process, Tradition Home Group is ready to assist. They both stated, “Nothing is better than selling a house and helping someone make it a home.”  

Stumpenhaus and Stark-Glover have sourced items not only from around the country but also from around the world. “We feature things we love, including several things that are not normally found in Kansas City,” noted Stark-Glover.

“Our real estate market is changing,” said Stumpenhaus. “If someone cannot find a home they want due to available inventory, they often decide to just change up their current home instead.  They can use our design expertise to do so.”

“Many people know what they want, but they don’t necessarily know how to capture that vision,” stated Stark-Glover. “That is where we come in. We love to help not only with real estate transactions but also to help people find what they love for the home they’re in.”

Whether you want to find that dream home or just want to design a breathtaking space, within your current home, Tradition Home Group has the expertise, experience, and talent to help your vision come to life. Just be sure to stay tuned, as who knows what 2023 will bring for these amazing ladies. For now, they will continue to ride the wave of success focusing on what services they can provide to make the home buying or selling experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

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