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Stumpff HomeWorks

Stumpff HomeWorks. That is a name synonymous with superior craftsmanship, noteworthy skill, innovation, and above all, professionalism laced with true sincerity and integrity. An award-winning, full-service professional remodeling company, this company’s work truly speaks for itself.

As a kid, owner Tom Stumpff enjoyed riding his bike with a little wagon hooked to the back, searching for various scraps of wood from the job sites of new homes being constructed in his neighborhood. He’d eagerly gather up any leftovers he could find, load them into his wagon, and then pedal his way back home to begin building little structures of his own. His young, eager mind was constantly in motion, fueled by his seemingly never-ending flow of creative juices that still operate on full throttle today.

As Tom got older, that fascination with how innate creativity is could play out in the real world continued to inspire him. After high school, he took some classes in junior college, but really had no interest in the basic courses. It was the visual arts that continued to engage him, but he hadn’t yet landed on a way that his talents could establish a career for him. 

Fortunately, after working in non-industry related jobs in his late teens and early 20s, Stumpff landed a job within the construction trade, working for a high-end contractor on various remodeling jobs. He learned all aspects of the industry and ambitiously advanced through the ranks of laborer, carpenter, and lead carpenter. After the first 2 years, Stumpff took some time off work to pursue some classes at a local vo-tech school to advance his career but was told by his teacher that he had more knowledge than most of the students there and he could get a job anywhere. As such, he left the halls of academia to follow his instinct and go back to work to learn on the job. His desire to learn more and acquire more skills never wavered, however. In 2011, he decided to strike out on his own and established Stumpff HomeWorks, after learning all he could by working for the contractor all those previous years.

“You really need about 10 years of experience before you become the master of your craft,” he emphasized. “Education is one thing, but experience means so much more.”

With that philosophy in mind, Stumpff continues to work, learn, and keep moving forward in his craft, combining his natural born talent and unwavering work ethic. He also searches for inspiration wherever he can find it.

“Most of my inspirations come from my clients,” he explained. “They will tell me what they want, and I will show them what that will look like. I know how to bring their visions to life. I can execute it, make it make sense, and ensure it looks right.”

Of course, there was definitely a learning curve to being his own boss – and he had to put in the work to develop his portfolio – but fast forward to 2022 and his company has expanded to include a team 10-people strong, including two designers, three carpenters, a shop carpenter, and an in-house licensed master electrician and painter. Stumpff demands the best of himself, so it is no surprise that equal demands are placed upon his dedicated team of experienced artisans.

“We are all driven by the projects and by the people for whom we do the work,” he expressed. “We develop a relationship with our clients, with the goal of turning out a project they will enjoy.”

Stumpff also credits his clients for pushing him and his team. They tell him what they want, and he works tirelessly to figure out what path to go on to achieve those desires.

“We get clients what they want but with our touch,” he said. “Every project for us is always a new thing, which makes it so much fun.”

Because of his passion for his craft, Stumpff is never a salesman but always a storyteller through his completed works of art, which is what they truly are.

“I have just learned how to talk to people and understand what they want,” he explained. “When I am in their homes, I see things that speak to who they are, and I use that to inspire me to come up with the ideas for the project.”

In that process, Stumpff asks clients in which direction they want to go and how far they want to go. He takes copious notes. He provides thorough estimates. His attention to detail is remarkable. However, the communication part of the whole process is steady, casual, down-to-earth, and honest.

“I offer options to save on costs if that is a concern,” Stumpff noted, who remains highly involved in each project throughout the entire process.

From the very beginning of each project, Stumpff instinctively knows what it will require and involve. There is no room for guesswork. His knowledge extends from the basics, understanding all facets, and creating something new and exciting his clients will appreciate and love.

“The work is me and the company is my family,” he reflected. “We all work together to make it happen, doing a bit of everything and always enjoying the journey.”

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