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Pam Baker

As a Licensed Broker in Kansas and Missouri and Director of Expansion and Relations for the #1 ranked (in 2020) Weichert Realtors/Welch & Co. and as Client Care Manager for Suma Design, which is owned by her husband, Mark Sumada, Pam Baker offers a full-service approach as a new construction specialist and Realtor.

“As a team, we offer design, brokerage, and building services to create a more simplistic, streamlined and cohesive process as you build a home,” noted Baker, who works with clients to help them furnish their homes by taking them to various home furnishing markets to ensure the end product is exactly what they visualized. 

Baker has an undeniable passion for design. When that natural instinct is married with her real estate savvy, she becomes the ideal partner as you envision the home of your dreams. Working tirelessly to ensure her clients have a satisfying and memorable experience, Baker’s focus remains on her motto Designed to Sell with Vision to Buy. Weichert Realtors currently operates within 35 subdivisions, which lends to Baker’s credibility as a high-profile real estate professional, giving her name recognition that aligns with quality, confidence, value, and trust.

With her interior design expertise and her vast real estate experience, Baker can help clients see the whole picture from beginning to end. She not only eliminates the stress factor, but she also gives clients confidence in the building process, as she guides them in the design of all interior elements. Her job is to make each client feel comfortable in the decisions they are making. 

An outstanding example of Baker’s design prowess can be found in one of Suma Design’s most spectacular models, The Monterey. (Refer to the STARS article on Suma Design & Construction) This reverse story-and-a-half home boasts a myriad of amenities, appointments, and unique design elements. The gray and white color palette of the home provided the perfect platform for Baker from which to leap and integrate the innovative design elements for which she is known, from the vaulted ceiling in the great room paired with planked tile around the fireplace and the engineered white oak floors to the sleek dark gray cabinetry in the kitchen. And, of course, the innovative tile backsplash stands out as a true testament to the artistry for which Baker is known.

“I was a designer before I got into real estate,” said Baker. “I really enjoy design and working with likes. I am a relationship-driven person.”

When establishing relationships with her clients, Baker always starts on a foundation of trust.

“Clients have to trust me,” she indicated. “I help them visualize what they want and move forward from there. Many clients appreciate a bit of individual direction.”

Also unique to Baker’s approach is her willingness to speak the truth.

“I point out features I think will work best in the space,” she reflected. “I am honest and forthcoming. However, at the end of the day, it is totally the client’s choice.”

Baker understands current issues in new construction may be related to delays and timeline matters not being efficiently met. However, she counters that with the new construction advantage that these specialists build their own inventory.

“As a client, it is important to be flexible and understand not everything is black and white,” she explained. “You also need some cushion in your funds to navigate, allowing for any uncontrollable.”

No matter what, however, Baker leads the pack when it comes to helping manage clients’ expectations and de-escalating emotions.

“This job is a great fit for my passion,” she smiled. “Our goal is to be exciting and conscientious of the environment and the economy yet provide people with the pride of being different and the excitement of coming home to be with family, and most of all, to provide a quality of life.”

In short, partnering with Baker and Suma Design teaches an important lesson: the end result is worth the wait.

“My job is to coordinate everything, so it all comes together,” she expressed. “I have the design expertise and the real estate experience. I am a package deal.”

What Baker does for her clients comes naturally, and she appreciates the opportunity to be of service to them in a unique and gratifying way. Baker excels at collaborating with clients, giving them the personalized attention they deserve.

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