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With each passing year, real estate agent Lindsay Schulze simply keeps getting better and better when it comes to honing her craft. Always on full throttle and bursting with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm for what she does, Schulze has a passion for the industry and is unafraid to show it. She was born for this line of work and approaches each and every transaction as if it was something she was personally doing for herself or a family member. When you partner with Schulze to buy and/or sell home, you get her full attention…and more.

A respected partner of the #1 Koehler Bortnick Team at Reece Nichols, Schulze, a noted five-star agent, is no stranger to the constant flow of awards and accolades, consistently receiving top honors and recognition for her continued commitment to providing the best in customer service, which explains why her business is 95% referral-based. As a Senior Sales Executive and partner with the Koehler Bortnick Team, Schulze operates as a sole agent and continues to outperform, outrank, and outpace her peers in masterful fashion. In the Kansas City metro area, she is the only single agent who eclipsed the $50 million mark in transactions as a single agent, up from $30 million in 2019. This year, she is on track to summit an incredible $55+ million!

“Last year was the biggest year I ever had,” reflected Schulze, who was recognized as the Top Producer for her team and only single agent to ever produce this volume in KC. No matter the challenges presented to her, Schulze focuses first on creating the relationship, as that is an integral part of her business philosophy.

“This job is about who you are and what you can deliver to your clients,” reflected Schulze. “I love this job and would never trade what I do for the world. It’s a significant part of my life. Many of my clients become my good friends and taking care of them is a true pleasure for me.”

This year has certainly seen an explosion in the housing market, and Schuzle has always stood at the ready to serve her clients and address their concerns. It can be a highly competitive industry at times like these, so Schulze confidently puts her years of experience, knowledge, talent, and insight to work for her clients. Far from an amateur, she understands what it takes to win in the big leagues.

Partnering with Schulze to buy and/or sell a home equates not only to a wonderful and satisfying experience, but also a highly-rewarding one. Schulze has over 160 Testimonial letters on hand and perhaps best highlight the superlative work she does as a Top Real Estate Agent.

All about the hustle

“Lindsay’s experience, network and continued hustle allowed me to get the house I wanted at a fair market rate. She walked me through the purchase process and made sure I had all the relevant information to keep moving forward.”

Educating her clients

“To say Lindsay is an amazing realtor is an understatement. She has helped us sell two houses and purchase three. Her knowledge of the real estate market and tireless work ethic is unparalleled. She is a highly skilled negotiator, very detail oriented and incredibly kind.”

Impeccable work ethic

“Lindsay was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only was she highly knowledgeable, professional, hardworking and reassuring, but she also showed genuine care and concern for our family. She knew that we were not just buying and selling houses, but rather, homes that had been and would become part of our family’s story.”

Package deal

Schulze offers her clients premium services, and that includes working in partnership with her husband, Nick Schulze, a Mortgage Loan Originator with Inlanta Mortgage. “Nick and Lindsay are a complete package. It was so amazing to work with them in tandem, it was the smoothest sale we have had to date and this is our 12th move. We will never buy and sell again without their partnership assisting us.” With this team working in tandem, clients are assured a seamless and rewarding transaction, as Nick upholds the same high standards of customer service and attention to detail as Lindsay.

“He knows to be on his best behavior with my clients,” joked Schulze.

Bottom line

It is important for agents to stay in constant communication with their clients, and even if something seems insignificant to the agent who has been in the industry for years, it may still be highly important for the client. Schulze understands the importance of that outlook and also appreciates that buying and/or selling a home can be quite stressful, so she works diligently to ensure the client feels supported and happy throughout the entire process.

“You just do a good job and continually keep your clients informed,” she indicated. “It’s always important to follow through and remain continually available, ensuring that each client’s transaction is the best transaction ever.”

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