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Luxury Home Specialist

As a real estate agent, one is tasked with the highly honorable – and often highly-demanding – role of finding the perfect home for his or her clients. That task can become even more daunting when certain variables are added to the equation that require much more due diligence, exploration, insight, tenacity and unwavering perseverance. To some agents, those variables may seem formidable; to Sharon G. Aubuchon, however, those are challenges enthusiastically accepted. With her motto, “Your dream home is waiting,” she delivers.

Sharon understands there is no “one size fits all” approach to buying and selling a home. She knows clients’ personalities are as varied as their needs, and through that insight, Sharon has the distinct ability to put herself in her clients’ shoes. One of the greatest tools she utilizes is her innate ability to listen. She instinctively tunes into just what her clients want and need and can easily offer solutions to any pain points or challenges in the process.

One couple in particular with whom Sharon has worked with is Julie Clark and her husband, Vince, both of whom presented with drastic differences in design tastes. While Julie prefers the flavor of Old French antiques, Vince gravitates towards a more modern, contemporary vibe. Although Vince grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and actually worked in an antique store when he was young, he later moved to New York City and quickly developed a passion for modern design. Julie, on   the other hand, grew up in Nebraska. She met Vince, who relocated to the area several years ago, at a wine tasting here. 

At that time, Julie had a 150-year old condo at Hyde Park, which supported her appreciation for chandeliers and rustic French antiques. Vince, however, was quite content living in his contemporary condo at The Kirkwood.

“It was a very sleek condo, with mirrored and leathered walls,” recalled Julie. “My style leaned more towards crusty cupids, which was something he definitely did not want!” 

In addition to the vast differences in taste between Julie and Vince, the couple also had strong geographic boundaries in which they preferred to live.

“Sharon respected those boundaries and didn’t go beyond them,” noted Julie. 

As a result, when searching for their new home, it required a great deal of compromise. Fortunately, Sharon was an integral part of that equation, helping the couple work through all of the stumbling blocks that arose throughout the process.

“When we first met with Sharon, Vince and I came with diametrically different experiences of how we lived,” emphasized Julie. “It takes a patient Realtor to make both people happy, and Sharon did a great job working with a couple who didn’t envisage the same thing.”

Sharon delivered on her promise, and that came in the form of a nearly 100-year-old former Symphony Showhouse on Ward Parkway. Julie and Vince purchased the home in 2011 and then tied the knot the following year.

In addition to going over and beyond in serving her clients well, Sharon has been named the ‘Luxury Home Specialist’ in Kansas City Homes & Style from 2016 to present. Sharon’s innate creative ability for marketing and constant exposure of upper bracket homes is unparalleled. She is delving into a new service this year to take her reach even further, perhaps globally! She will offer placement in 100+ international Real Estate sites in key investor markets worldwide. In addition, she will continue to offer elite advertising locally as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more to search out those $1 million + buyers. She will also include a dedicated web and mobile site, as well as an unbeatable listing presentation to showcase her listings. As if that isn’t enough, she will keep her sellers extremely satisfied in the fold with weekly activity reports keeping everyone on the same page working towards the common goal of getting their home sold. 

Sharon is also known for her love of community and philanthropy. For many years, she was an indispensable part of the Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors, an organization known for its outreach within the community. A few former Chiefs players, now members of the Ambassadors, gave a strong nod to Sharon for the work she did to support and promote the organization. 

“Sharon became a part of the Ambassadors back when there were just seven of us in the group,” recalled Ted McKnight. “She saw how she could help us elevate our image at the time with her clothing company. She made our group unique with the high-quality garments she provided for us. She has always had a good heart and made every effort for the clothes we wore to be perfect so we could be styling when we were out and about! I am proud to be her friend.”

“Sharon was an integral part in our success,” noted Ambassador Larry Marshall. “She was always very energetic, straightforward and had great ideas to contribute. She was very helpful and stepped up as needed.”

Even Super Bowl IV champion and Ambassador Bobby Bell easily sang Sharon’s praises.

“Sharon was always professional and took good care of us,” he said. “She has always been a go-getter and is one to cross her t’s and dot her i’s to make sure everything is done just right. Even at our annual Christmas parties, she would go out of her way to make them a great event by bringing in a lot of her own ideas. She blew our minds every time.  And whenever we had a fundraising event, she would always be able to get sponsors for us. Whatever we needed, she got it.”



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Works with Buyer and Sellers in KS & MO. Sharon uses her Luxury Marketing Strategies for all her Sellers.

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