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“When you list with Lindsay, you better be prepared to move!” That is one of many sentiments from highly satisfied clients that has kept Lindsay Schulze, ABR, Senior Sales Executive with Reece and Nichols continually at the top of her game. As the #1 Top Producer for the #1 Koehler Bortnick Team, Lindsay’s reputation for consistently hitting home runs within the residential buying and selling arenas seems to gain velocity on a daily basis. She is a real estate agent who will fight for her clients’ best interests from start to finish without hesitation, without quitting and without excuses. She simply gets the job done.

Lindsay has served hundreds of clients throughout her stellar career, each with their own story. However unique each story might be, every single one of them has the same ending in that their vision for the perfect home for them was fulfilled by Lindsay, a proven professional who works tirelessly to make residential dreams come true. The common denominator among her many clients is the understanding they unequivocally made the right choice in putting their trust in her.

A dream come true, sight unseen

Moving to a new city is stressful enough, but imagine relocating and purchasing a home before arriving in your town without ever having toured it in person. When Shannon, a make-up artist to some high-profile individuals in California, decided to move to the metro area with her fiancé, a hometown boy, she worked with Lindsay in order to find her new home. Employing the benefits of technology, Shannon and Lindsay utilized FaceTime to help Shannon and her husband-to-be secure the home they desired.

“When we finally made it back here and pulled up to our new home, I just started crying,” expressed Shannon, emphasizing it was exactly what they wanted. “Lindsay treated us like gold. Every day she was on top of things, and if we ever had any questions, she was always there with an answer. She is a go-getter with a good, kind heart and you just trust her because she has that presence about her. She is also a great connector of people and does things out of the goodness of her heart; not because she wants something back. She is the kind of person that, when you first meet her, you feel as if you have known her all your life.”

A Realtor who will walk with you every step of the way

Sometimes clients have highly-specific needs in mind that require a highly-specific exploration into all the available options.

“Lindsay is very enthusiastic and never quits working for a client,” noted Polly, who lost a leg to cancer and who, along with her husband Bob, recently enlisted Schulze’s help in when it was time to downsize and find a home modified to her physical needs. Keeping in mind Polly’s preferred floorplan, Lindsay successfully found a home for Polly within two days of receiving an offer on Polly’s current home.

“Lindsay is my type of person,” emphasized Polly. “She just never quits working for a client and follows-up consistently, making suggestions when needed and is highly respectful.”

The home pictured is located at 6813 W 183rd St., Stilwell, KS. Listed for $10,500,000.

When 1 + 1 = 5 and a new floorplan is necessary

Within the past couple of years, clients Amanda and Tanner both lost their spouses, one to cancer and the other to a sudden heart condition. Life upended for both of them, until they found love once again with each other, creating a growing family with the three kids they have between them.

Amanda and her late husband were past clients of Lindsay’s, so when Amanda and her new husband Tanner wanted to find that perfect home for their newly blended family, they looked no further than to Lindsay for direction.

“Since I had worked with Lindsay before, it only made sense to work with her again,” noted Amanda. “She found us a good home to fit our needs now and for when we possibly expand our family. Lindsay is awesome, responsive, positive and always on top of things. We really enjoyed working with her.”

The home pictured is located at 6813 W 183rd St., Stilwell, KS. Listed for $10,500,000.

A comprehensive understanding of the marketplace from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective

No matter the property and no matter the location, Lindsay has the tools to create a winning scenario. When her client Sam was ready to sell his expansive multi-use property, Lindsay instinctively knew just how to price it.

“We had five different lots – a horse barn, a vacant lot and three residential units,” noted Sam. “Lindsay forecasted she could get this accomplished in 10 months, but she actually beat that goal in a third of the time expected. She is fabulous and sincerely works for your best interest. I wouldn’t hire anyone else in this area.”

In addition to partnering with her clients, Lindsay is excited to announce that her husband, Nick Schulze, has recently joined Inlanta Mortgage, providing mortgage loans to homeowners, creating yet another opportunity to open the door to the residential dreams of her clients.

Lindsay has sold more than $34.5 million so far this year and remains a #1 agent. She is continually motivated to move her clients forward and always strives to provide the perfect solution for their needs.


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