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Custom and Expert Design Remodeler

If overwhelming passion and infectious enthusiasm were the only requirements necessary to be recognized as an award-winning remodeling firm, then Bryan Casey Construction (BCC) would definitely take center stage. Simply put, this company’s mission is to create your dream space.

Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Bryan and Julie Casey, Bryan Casey Construction stands on a platform of decades of construction and interior design experience. Representing the finest in Kansas City’s remodeling and design work, BCC puts its entire focus on each client, working collaboratively to bring the client’s vision to life.

“We walk you through every step of the process,” expressed Julie, who has been working together with Bryan at BCC since 2003. “We like to leave our clients with something that is truly theirs.”

Bryan has been building homes since the age of 19 and is well-versed in all aspects of construction. Julie has a strong and diverse background in creating innovative interior design elements. Together, they have effortlessly combined their talents to develop a business that delivers the very best quality product that clients can enjoy for years to come.

BCC specializes in whole home renovation, as well as kitchen, bath and basement remodels. They also provide expert service in outdoor living and entertainment spaces. From a design aspect, the BCC experts offer full home interior design, color layouts, furniture planning, tablescapes, accessories and even holiday decorating. 

Unique to BCC is its incorporation of all aspects of remodeling projects, from initial layout through design, construction and final delivery of the product.

“We enjoy a collaborative relationship with our clients, getting them what they want from start to finish,” indicated Julie.

Before any project is even undertaken, BCC meets with the client to establish a warm and trustworthy relationship. By getting to know the client and the family, this team can fully understand the needs for the space and how it will be used. They will then take the client’s ideas, coupled with their own insights, and work together from initial consultation through completion in a way that continually exceeds all expectations.

BCC consults with clients regularly through all aspects of each design, building on thoughts and ideas during the process and providing each client with a color layout and 3D computer-generated renderings so the client will have a full and complete concept of what the finished project will look like.

With a primary focus on basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, BCC has a team of nine specialized experts giving them the ability to not only effectively control scheduling but to also expand their flexibility and abilities to work outside the box in terms of design. If a new idea is presented, their expert craftsmen will eagerly work to ensure a high-quality product is delivered.

BCC prides itself on creating a seamless integration of elements with each remodeling project. In other words, no project will appear as a stand-alone or an after-thought.

“When we are remodeling a basement, for example, we create it to be an extension of the house,” emphasized Julie. “We want it to fit the bones of the house and stay true to the design and style of the rest of the home.”

In addition to the wealth of innovative ideas BCC offers clients and its commitment to superior quality and fair prices, these experts also rely on thorough, open and honest communication at all turns.

“Communication is huge for us,” noted Julie. “We want our clients to feel involved with the project and we will walk through it with them every step of the way. They get the contractor and the designer throughout the entire process.”

The level of trust BCC has instilled in its clients is equally paramount. Not only do clients trust them to fulfill the vision they desire, they also trust BCC to implement their own ideas as they relate to what the client wants.

“Bryan and I have worked together for years and we are always communicating between ourselves about our clients and what we think will work best for them,” said Julie. “Plus, we live by example in that we often try different remodeling ideas within our own home to discover how and why something works, or even if it doesn’t work.”

BCC doesn’t rely on a single style of design, either. This company’s portfolio is as deep as it is wide.

“We fully believe in many styles,” indicated Julie. “We can do a lot of different things and don’t force any particular style on our clients. We enjoy the challenges each project brings and will never shy away from anything.”


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