Splashy Kitchen Backsplashes

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Once a simple way to protect walls from spills and splatters, today’s backsplashes come in a myriad of eye-catching materials and colors making the backsplash a focal point in the kitchen. With all of these choices how do you know which backsplash is right for your kitchen? Kitchen Guru Aileen Isaacs of Emser Tile gives these tips on making sure your backsplash suits your kitchen and your tastes.




Collect your ideas. Discover what is the inspiration and focus in the room. Do you have a fabulous busy vein running through your granite? If so, you will probably want something texturally interesting, highlighting one of the primary colors in your granite. If you desire something wild and crazy for your backsplash, something a little more subdued for the countertop is a good complement. The same is true –– if you want a busy countertop to be your focus, select the countertop first. If your backsplash is your focus for the room, build your look around the backsplash.

Use internet resources in addition to your magazine resources. Websites like houzz.com and Pinterest help to make the kitchen of your dreams. The Internet has changed the way we get inspired, share our ideas, and source our materials. The ideas gathered from these sights can help to convey your desires to others to help create the look of your dreams.




Express yourself! In most homes there are two places that make the most impact for the least amount of square footage and money; the fireplace and the backsplash. Play it safe and tone down the extravagance if you are worried about resale. And if you need help creating a look that is  perfect for you, Interior Designers are another great resource.

Love your choices. I always tell everyone; you have to love it. There are too many choices available out there to not totally “love” your choices. You will know it when you find it. Have fun creating a kitchen that is the center of your home. Backsplashes have changed over the last few years. With so many new choices for countertops, more people are choosing texture over color variations. Colors are more neutral. Showrooms can feel overwhelming with so many choices. When you focus on your ideas and colors, only a handful of choices will work. This will help you from getting overwhelmed by all the choices.

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