Shifting into Fall in a Satin Suit

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge     |     Photos by Sabrina Osborn

We love a season shift around here, don’t we Kansas City? The problem is: while it’s full-stop fall in the stores, much of the month feels like summer! And while we might be ready for cozy knits and tall boots, sweating for the sake of fashion seems a little silly.

This is why I’m loving the return of the satin suit – it’s full-length and you can find fall-friendly color palettes and prints, but it’s also super lightweight and breezy. The perfect way to tackle a season change, especially when Midwest humidity is still a factor.

You might be asking, “Satin, Ashley, really? Doesn’t that wrinkle? And highlight every little bump or lump (imagined or real)?”

Skintight satin, yes, can be super tough to wear and isn’t very forgiving – especially under the critical lens of a high-def camera. This is why you go big or you stay home, friends! Oversized is the name of the game here.

Look for wide-leg cuts and tunic-esque tops. A little slit at the ankle is another fun feature that promotes movement. You want the fabric to skim and billow, not cling. This is the key to wearing satin successfully!

Choose satin in a print to disguise any wayward wrinkling while also adding some serious punch. This deep, autumnal teal and a sassy tiger motif make for a fun vibe! If you’re worried about going overboard, remember that you can break these pieces up: the tunic would look killer over a pair of black leather leggings and the trousers would be super chic with a simple neutral turtleneck.

If you’re worried a satin suit like this skirts into pajamas territory, I say never fear! Post-pandemic outfitting is all about mixing the comforts   of lockdown fashion with the pizazz of being out in the world again. A printed satin suit like this does exactly that – oh, and adding a heel definitely helps!

Hope you enjoyed this look, KC! 

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