Screened In Style

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Taking full advantage of the backyard views, this screened-in porch has proven to be a stylish upgrade to this already fabulous outdoor oasis.

Story by Ann Butenas    /    Photography by Matthew Anderson

“It was just time to do something,” replied the owner of this lovely Leawood home when responding to why she added a screened-in porch to her backyard setting. What was once a smaller deck beginning to show the ravages of wood rot has now beautifully transformed   into a year-round sanctuary that just might be difficult to leave once you experience it.

Built in 1988, this residence has seen a variety of changes and upgrades over the years. The owner has consistently worked with Donna Kirsopp, Designer, CKBR with Schloegel Design Remodel over the years to breathe new life into many of her interior spaces, so she did not hesitate when it came to partnering with Kirsopp once again to transform the look of her backyard spaces.

“I just contacted Donna and before you know, the project got done,” said the homeowner. “She provided the structural input to fit the roof line and then we both worked together to complete the design.”

Since Kirsopp had worked with the homeowner since 1999 on various projects, beginning with the master suite and then transitioning to the kitchen and powder bath, everything in this home is well-coordinated, and this porch is no exception.

The flooring in the porch is primarily comprised of Axel composite material, which requires no maintenance. The same composite material was then used in the beadboard in the ceiling and in the panels going down the steps. Kirsopp decided to raise the wall and put matching stucco on it to align with the existing exterior of the home. Kirsopp also added concrete roofing above the porch. Finally, a true screen door provides the access point into and out of the porch.

Convenient storage areas are located on either side of the steps leading up to the porch. These are ideal places to store pool equipment, outdoor cushions, lounge chairs, and more.

The columns on the porch are made from pre-stoned materials and are adorned with pre-made caps.

“The columns are actually veneer stone sleeves that go over the posts,” noted Kirsopp, who had to add an additional black handrail to meet city code requirements for a continuous handrail.

On the south side of the screened-in porch, Kirsopp installed a slat wall for privacy.

“These are simply 1x4s set at an angle both for privacy and visual elements, and the screen is set on the outside of them,” explained Kirsopp.

As for lighting accents, Kirsopp installed LED up lighting on a dimmer to enhance the ceiling and also installed LED light on the steps.

This porch is located just off the master bedroom, so it is the ideal spot to greet the morning, snuggle with a book and a beverage, or just take an afternoon nap during a steady rain.

“I just love to sit out here, especially when it storms,” noted the homeowner. “Plus, since it faces east, I get the benefits of the morning sun. Also, in the summer, the porch is cooler later on in the day.”

The owner brought a bit of elegance to the porch with a series of antique mirrors, not something one traditionally sees on a porch, but it definitely works here. 

“That was just a blank wall that needed something, so I added those,” reflected the owner, who also added a couple of lamps to add a bit of ambiance to the space.

After the screened-in porch was well underway, the owner realized it made the small deck on the opposite side of the house just off the kitchen appear too small. As such, Kirsopp built a roof above that particular door to match the gable on the porch and provide the necessary balance.

“We also replaced rotting pickets on that deck,” stated Kirsopp.

Kirsopp enjoyed working on this project and is a fan of the repeating elements.

“It gives structure to the back of the house and also directs you to two access points,” she indicated. “The roof line helps provide the seamless integration of the work, pulling it all together. The whole area is stunning.”


  • Contractor: Schloegel Design Remodel

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