Rinse, Lather and Repeat

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While no jumping or diving is allowed, you are encouraged to have fun in these unique custom-made bathrooms.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek

If you are ever invited over to the home of Linda and Mike Neenan, don’t hesitate to pack a bag with a few essentials: bathrobe, favorite soap, loofah brush, towel and fuzzy slippers. Upon your arrival, just cut to the chase and politely ask: Where is the bathroom? Not surprisingly, the Neenans will happily point you in the direction of one of four amazing “powder rooms” that boast some of the best seats in the house with amazing views of the latest in bathroom designs and trends.

Professionally, this couple owns the Neenan Company, which has 11 locations, including two showrooms, filled with a myriad of plumbing supplies and fixtures. It would stand to reason, then, that their bathrooms would serve as strong testimonials to the products they carry and sell, and these bathrooms certainly do live up to their job descriptions in that regard. But these spaces also reflect the unique personalities of the homeowners themselves. A Lambie Custom Home, this villa enjoys that luxury builder touch, and project manager Steve Lambie enjoyed being a part of this project.

“It was definitely a collaborative process between our team and the homeowners,” he stated. “We know what trends and what people are looking to do, and we are able to take that knowledge and partner it with their own ideas to make it work. Of course, the Neenans are extremely knowledgeable because they are in the plumbing business. We simply helped take their ideas and put them in place.”

One of the top contenders in this veritable parade of bathrooms is the master bath, one that has its own attitude and flair, never apologizing for the statement it makes.

“This bathroom is its own room,” expressed Linda. “And it also provides a lot of comfort. When we designed this room, we wanted it to be efficient and comfortable yet still show style. People seem to like elegant bathrooms, so that is why we incorporated the chandelier.”

All of the products used in the master bath are by Kohler, as Linda just seems to like the look and feel of the products.

“People seem to notice them, even if they are somewhat plain, as they are made from good material and stand out on their own,” she explained. “The silver just shines but operates from a real simple design.”

The walk-in shower, which is completely enclosed, doubles as a steamer, emitting ambient music, lights and aromatherapy as desired. The teak bench offers the perfect place to relax and unwind. “We also have a rain shower in the center, which allows the water to fall on you like rain, and it is such a peaceful feeling,” said Linda.

Of special appeal to the Neenans is the way the wall of windows situated above the sinks conduct moonlight through their panes. “When the moon shines down through those windows, it makes such a dramatic scene and really enhances the space,” reflected Linda.

A second bathroom on this same level steals the show with a captivating highlight: the Jason MicroSilk tub, which offers a healthy way to rub-a-dub-dub.

“This tub is amazing,” emphasized Linda. “It has pin point holes through which water comes out in micro bursts, going into your pores and pushing out the dead skin. When you are done bathing, your skin is exfoliated, and you feel wonderful.”

The black and white color scheme of this room makes a bold statement, while the hand-painted gold leaves and flowers, along with a signature bird in the sink adds an elegant, yet not overly done, touch. Another unique feature in this bathroom is the toilet. As with all of the other toilets in the home, this has a built-in light.

“It’s a great night light, especially for men!” laughed Linda, who also noted all of the toilets come equipped with a scent release/deodorizer, as well. Further, the master bath has an accompanying bidet.

On the lower level of the home are two additional bathrooms One sports a casual, rustic vibe with its tan and beige highlights, wood-framed mirror, pebble stones in the shower, and a utility-type sink which offers ledges on either side to place items you don’t want to get wet but also don’t want to set directly on the sink, like the grandkids’ paintbrushes.

Finally, the guest bathroom was designed with minimal flair but enough to match the guest bedroom and allow for a comfortable place for guests to wash up. The tile frame around the mirror, however, comes with a fun story.

“My decorator (Patty Mehelic) and I used leftover tile from the shower and used it to frame the mirror, as we could not find one we liked elsewhere,” smiled Linda.

Without a doubt, the Neenans have found paradise in their villa.While a good flush may beat a full house every time in a game of cards, a house full of bathrooms like these will always enjoy a good flush. Don’t worry; the Neenans will leave the (toilet) light on for you!

Project by Lambie Custom Homes & Neenan Company

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