Relaxed and Comfortable Meets Cool and Contemporary

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Relying on layers of clean lines, contemporary design elements, modern home accents and a neutral color palette give this modern farmhouse its simplistic appeal.

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This two-story modern farmhouse located in the highly desired community of Prairie Village was part of a tear-down, rebuild project overseen by Angela Whipple, owner of Artful Purpose Design & Real Estate in conjunction with her husband, Todd Pitts, owner of L/M Custom Homes, which has over 30 years of experience with custom construction. Whipple has successfully partnered her experience in residential sales with home renovation and stellar interior design. Together they create living spaces specifically tailored to what clients want and deserve.

The duo found the floor plan for this particular home, featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and modified it to meet the clients’ preferred lifestyle, ensuring everything was custom designed within. The homeowners preferred a mix of styles that could artfully blend elegance, French inspiration and farmhouse appeal in one amazing package. Through this endeavor, Whipple has evidenced she is the master of mixing various design dimensions and delivering a stellar final product.

In most homes today, the kitchen has become somewhat of a social venue within the home, and this floorplan invites its kitchen to take a leading role in the overall design. The expansive island embraces a built-in seating area especially designed by Whipple. Carefully curated, this kitchen is a space that is both practical and beautiful, relying on its inherent purpose and personality to carry out its purpose. 

“The owners hope to have large gatherings with friends and family, and this particular island with its seating area fits about 15 people in and around the island,” noted Whipple, who designed this custom island along with the corresponding upholstered custom bench to accommodate anticipated gatherings of family and friends.

The master bathroom follows suit with its attention to detail, luxury and comfort. Innovative features include heated ceramic floors, built-in light up mirrors with adjustable settings, a bidet toilet with heated seat, shiplap accent walls and a bright, open concept.

“We used shiplap throughout the home above windows and doors, as well as incorporated many unique light features which all provided a modern twist to the farmhouse vibe,” expressed Whipple.

The deck directly off the kitchen is accessed through double-slider doors and features a pergola cover. This is the perfect place to enlarge the living area on mild days The basement features a variety of functional rooms, such as an entertainment area, exercise room and a double built-in custom desk to accommodate the current work-at-home opportunities. The textured accent walls in the entertainment area create a strong theatrical feel, further elevating the uniqueness of this home.

Between all of the clean lines, detailed elements and artistic applications, Artful Purpose and L/M Custom Homes easily achieved the look the homeowners desired.

“Everything was customized to their preference,” said Whipple. “We put a lot of different trims throughout, incorporated a super modern stair rail and custom-built floating furniture in the basement, along with a sound system and projection TV.”

Bottom line: this home is where comfort and style can easily reside.

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