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Is it time to hit the refresh button on your kitchen or bath design? There is no time like the present to give your kitchen and/or bathroom a new and inspired look. Karin Ross Designs, Kansas City’s highest-rated remodeling company, provides elegant design with professional installation that will elevate your living spaces in stunning and functional ways.

Owner Karin Ross emphasized that, for the most part, people are not always giving their spaces the attention they need. As a result, the appearance of a bathroom or kitchen can begin to look a bit dated and stale.

“If you have done nothing in terms of upgrades or changes to your bathroom or kitchen in 15 years or longer, a coat of paint is not going to be good enough at that point,” she noted. “The only option then is to remodel. By that time, your needs have changed and perhaps your family has changed, too, as kids grow up and move out.”

Ross is the expert in remodeling spaces that not only look beautiful but also function at a high level. For some people, this may even translate to a remodel that takes aging in place into consideration as they transform their living spaces to meet their current and anticipated needs.

“A high percentage of clients with whom we consult have not done anything to their kitchen or bathroom in years, and they know it,” explained Ross. “Some people may spend appreciable money upgrading elements every year. However, it is important to do something major in terms of renovations every five years. A refresher is needed to best serve you in the long run.”

Among the many reasons people do not take the time to upgrade their kitchen and bathrooms is because they don’t have the time, they simply don’t want to mess with it, or they do not have the requisite funds.

“For some people, they know it needs to be done and it has been a burden for years,” noted Ross. “By the time they pull the trigger, they need someone like me who can help them and discover from them what they want and then execute and deliver that vision.”

Far from being handymen, the award-winning Karin Ross Designs delivers the dream, not just a simple fix-it solution. That is why the initial consultation and subsequent meetings with each client is important to Ross, who spends upwards of 11 weeks meeting with clients for three to four hours at a time. Capturing the needs and vision of the client is tantamount to her process.

“I understand what I offer is not cheap and is a dream,” she said. “However, I work diligently to get to the bottom of what each client desires so I can deliver exactly what they want and need.”

Ross further emphasized that now is a good time to remodel, as products are on the downside cost wise for the most part. However, they are not at pre-pandemic levels, but they are stable. This is a good sign for Ross, who emphasized it is less expensive to stay in your home and make upgrades than it is to build a new home.

“Life is short, so I think it is important to treat yourself,” she smiled. “A kitchen and/or bathroom remodel is something you and your family will enjoy for years.”

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