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Diversity in life can create a vibrant story, and it is more likely through our differences than our similarities that we can find our unity and strength. As philosophical as that sentiment sounds, it truly does weave its way through the touchpoints of our lives. When such an expression is delivered through the transaction of buying or selling a house, diversity truly finds its home.

“Doing more from sale to sold” is the business philosophy by which award-winning Realtor Sharon G. Aubuchon of RE/MAX Premier Realty lives. As a real estate agent specializing in the luxury market (but also at all other price points) Aubuchon already has an important place within the Kansas City community. She doesn’t just help buyers and sellers in the metro area achieve success in each transaction; she also goes beyond the transaction to make invaluable connections within the community, one client at a time. 

Cory Hayes initially met Sharon in 2001 when Sharon was the seller’s agent for a property on the Plaza that Cory was buying through another agent at the time. After noticing Sharon was routinely representing many sellers in the same row home complex, he discovered she had an innate understanding of the uniqueness and nuances of the complex in which he lived.

Not surprisingly, when Cory decided to sell his row home, Sharon was at the top of his list to call to act as his seller’s agent. Within 24 hours of listing with her, he had a signed offer and the transaction closed within the month.

“I liked her approach and was really impressed with her,” Cory emphasized.

Of course, closing the door on one home meant opening the door to another. Cory and his girlfriend Katie were interested in a new home-build in the exclusive downtown urban neighborhood, Beacon Hill.


The Hayes Residence

“Sharon helped us navigate the purchase of our Beacon Hill home-build and was extremely helpful,” expressed Cory.

Ask anyone who has been through the home building process, it’s no secret it is not always smooth sailing. Invariably, Cory and Katie encountered a few stumbling blocks in the form of multiple building delays, which eventually pushed the couple to consider abandoning the whole project. But when Sharon intervened – directing traffic, running point, and attending to even the smallest of details – the process took on a whole new life.

“Sharon stepped in and salvaged the entire project,” noted Cory. “Through her many contacts and industry relationships, she knew of subcontractors who would get involved to complete the final remaining finishes. In fact, she stayed on property to oversee and supervise the final work on several occasions, including Christmas Day. She wanted to ensure work was being done to her level of quality and that completions on the project were done in time to make our closing date.”  

By January of 2019, the couple moved into their beautiful new home in this diverse urban neighborhood with a decided suburban vibe, putting them within arm’s reach of all the downtown entrainment districts, restaurants and more.

“We love the variety of new and original homes in this area,” expressed Cory, noting not only diversity amidst the styles of homes but also in the individuals who reside in them.

“Our immediate neighborhood is made up of nearly every ethnicity, including Middle Eastern, African American, White, Hispanic and Asian and of all ages,” indicated Cory. “There is a strong feeling of acceptance among everyone. This neighborhood is such a unique experiment, as it took a previously blighted area and made it new again.”

Although Cory and Katie love their new home, they know exactly whom to call if they ever did want to sell again.

“If you are a buyer or a seller, you need Sharon,” said Cory. “She is a very dedicated agent, and I honestly don’t know if we would have completed our deal had it not been for her.”

Lamesha Rivarde Davis enjoyed a similarly spectacular experience with Sharon. Lamesha met Sharon back in 2009 when she was looking for a home. Lamesha had relocated to Kansas City from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. When she was ready to purchase a home, she enlisted Sharon’s expertise and quickly realized Sharon loses no ground when it comes to doing her best every single day.

“I was on crutches at the time, so Sharon would come pick me up and sometimes even brought lunch with her or we went out to lunch,” recalled Lamesha. “She was extremely thorough, too. She made sure to check out at least 35-50 homes based on my preferences.”

Lamesha & Angel

Even when Lamesha fell in love with a particular home, Sharon did not let that relationship deepen until she checked out every square inch of the place.

“She noticed some issues with one home I loved, so she hired a structural Kansas City home inspector who confirmed those issues,” said Lamesha. “Her expertise was spot on and, as a result, saved me.”

After Lamesha finally closed on the home she wanted, Sharon’s desire to do all she could for her client went into over-drive.

“Sharon had a few friends in that area who were having an estate sale, so she took me to get a few things. I also made some new friends in the process,” smiled Lamesha.

Roughly nine years later, Lamesha married her wife, Angela, and decided to sell her home. She naturally called Sharon to seal the deal.

“She is just amazing,” reflected Lamesha. “I cannot say enough about her. She still keeps in touch and calls me regularly, checking on me and on my kids. She is more than an agent. I’d definitely   recommend her.”

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