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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Matthew Anderson

If joy and excitement could be wrapped up and presented as an individual, you would find it in Jessica Fields-Leone. As someone who consistently keeps her ear to the ground and her nose to the grindstone, when you hire Jessica for any of your real estate needs, you are getting a true go-getter who leads with confidence, enthusiasm, passion, expertise, and authenticity.

“I know how important a transition from one home to another is,” expressed Jessica, real estate agent and owner of Jessica Fields-Leone Homes with ReeceNichols. “I enjoy making that process successful and pleasant.”

For Jessica, who has been an agent for 19 years and has received the national recognition of Five Star Professional Realtor for 12 years in a row and then showcased for that each of those years by KC Magazine for the Best in Sales & Customer Satisfaction, the key is understanding how to navigate the process, cultivate the relationships, and learn to speak with people. Listening to what her clients want and need is one of her superpowers.

Licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, Jessica works with both buyers and sellers and brings a high level of expertise from both sides of a transaction. She is familiar with what buyers and sellers do and has built her business model on the premise of providing the ultimate package to her clients.

“I have experience in all levels and layers of this industry,” she emphasized. “I am very immersed in Johnson County by default but will go all over the metro area. I enjoy all aspects of this city. This is a job I truly love and is one I could do my entire life.”

Because Jessica’s focus is on making people happy and making new friends in the process, she listens with her heart. She strives to fully understand what clients want in terms of lifestyle, but also knows that most people speak from the heart. As a result, she works and listens from her own heart so she can easily align with her clients to achieve their goals.

“I am passionate about this business and make sure to always put the needs and interests of my clients above everything else,” she explained.

Always on full throttle, Jessica is currently growing her business in new ways. She has brought on business partner Janet Strickland here in Kansas City as she expands her services to Florida.

“I have a great network of agents in Florida,” Jessica indicated, who one day aspires to live in Florida as her new business partner helps to expand the business here in Kansas City. Ideally, Jessica is a great resource for local residents who either want to relocate to Florida or perhaps purchase a vacation/second home there. She can even help people with any aspirations to own/operate an Airbnb or invest in corporate rentals.

Additionally, Jessica, who has lived in many places in the United States before moving here in 1998, thrives in the relocation arena and is a respected relocation specialist throughout Kansas City, helping people move either to the metro or to elsewhere in the country.

“I love relocation and bringing people in from other parts of the country and even the world,” emphasized Jessica, who often creates friendships with her clients. “I love this city and enjoy  showing it with pride.”

As Jessica continues to pursue her real estate passions, she is now excited about not only the transition to expansion, but she also appreciates that some of her past clients are now sending their grown kids to her to help find them a new home.

“It’s so fulfilling to know that they value and trust me,” she reflected. “I believe people really need to see who you are.”

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