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Creating Distinct Residences Through Excellence in Design


When designing the custom homes for which Mission Hills is known, NSPJ Architects integrates distinctive detail and unique character to make each home inspired, holistic and innovative.

Mission Hills is regarded as one of the most affluent and luxurious places to live in the Kansas City metro area. Located in Johnson County, Kansas, it has been called America’s first garden community.  First conceived in the early 1900s, Mission Hills has remained true to its original plan. Wooded hills, winding streams and pleasant valleys provide a natural backdrop for one of the most beautiful American suburbs. Each home within this refined community is a continuation of the creative innovation of the original architectural vision.

Having designed over 85 new homes and remodeled over 200 in Mission Hills, NSPJ continues the architectural tradition of excellence for which Mission Hills is known. NSPJ has excelled here because they listen and understand what clients want and need in their homes. Highlighting each distinct taste and personality while incorporating what is practical and efficient, every custom home that NSPJ designs is truly unique. Once the personal relationship is made, the design partnership develops into a lasting relationship.

“We excel in a highly-scrutinized area of the city and get respect for our work because we listen to our clients and are cognizant of their needs,” commented Rick Jones, Principal Architect. It is this attention to the homeowner’s vision that has allowed NSPJ Architects to create a lasting legacy of timeless design. As a result, generations of families continue to choose NSPJ to design their homes.

“Our founder, Howard Nearing, worked with the grandparents and now we working with the grandkids,” indicated Jones. “We have designed as many as four homes for a single family.”

The architects at NSPJ are the experts at creating elegant design solutions that represent the client’s vision. Over the firm’s 59-year history they have built a solid, reputable history with many of the home builders too.

“In the luxury, single family arena we understand how to create a sense of home,” emphasized Tim Homburg, Co-President. “The people who come to NSPJ have expectations of excellence which requires us to work diligently as a team to create a successful outcome. We listen to each client’s wishes and design them the best home possible.”

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