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The renaissance of a neighborhood designed to accommodate both current and future needs.

If you want to stay close to the excitement of the city but still desire a quieter, laid-back enclave, then perhaps it’s time to consider the West Plaza. This eclectic community attracts a broad bandwidth of residents – young people, families, empty nesters, and those seeking a youthful change of pace and greater ties to the vibrant, urban core of Kansas City.

“This is a neighborhood in transition and can be defined by the new style going in,” expressed Clint Evans, Co-President of NSPJ Architects, referring to the tall, vertical-oriented houses that lend a different voice to the area. “These modern dwellings enjoy clean, simple lines, lacking any reference to a past architecture of any discernable kind.”

The contemporary, multi-level designs lend themselves to functionality and purpose. The open layouts invite copious amounts of natural light to flow into the space, offering a sense of calm and relaxation. Outdoor terraces and/or roofs provide additional opportunities   to escape and absorb a variety of comforting vistas.

Working collaboratively with notable builders, including Homoly Construction, AspenCreek Builders, Rich Gibler Construction and Noblit Didier, West Plaza is a neighborhood on the rise. Because of its proximity to a host of amenities, West Plaza is diverse and ideally located, flanked by the famed Westport Road, Brush Creek, State Line and Madison Avenue and sits just west of the historic Country Club Plaza.

“It’s a different way of living, as the architecture adapts to the city lots,” noted Evans, who explained that some owners have sold their traditional homes in the suburbs and are looking for a complete change of lifestyle. A neighborhood of choice for many, including those who wish to age in place, West Plaza has seen a growth in its demographic of active seniors who want to remain in their homes instead of transitioning to a senior living facility.

“The aging in place aspect is woven into these homes,” said Evans, referencing such design elements as future ADA-compliant kitchens and bathrooms and future space allocations for stair lifts or an elevator. These homes can be built to accommodate both current and future needs and are all designed in strict compliance with current Kansas City, Missouri regulations.

“NSPJ is proud of being part of the renaissance of the West Plaza neighborhood,” emphasized Evans.


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