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Story by Ann Butenas  |  Photos by Matt Kocourek

Despite its small footprint, this Craftsman-style home just south of the Plaza is not timid about showcasing its strengths, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Roughly 75 years old, the walls in this space undoubtedly have countless stories to tell, but the page-turning adventure of today rests in its recently refurbished appeal.

Overseen by Principal Designer Julia Haseltine of Julia Haseltine Design, this kitchen was the beneficiary of her ability to take the client’s vision and allow it to transpire, keeping budget, lifestyle and current needs at top of mind. With her prowess for employing excellent design sense for any space, Haseltine breathed new life into this kitchen in many unique ways.

The original exposed brick walls provide not only a focal point, but also a sense of warmth and treasured ambiance. When paired with the flowing design of the copper-colored Formica countertop with a terra cotta base and rounded extension, the kitchen enjoys an effortless flow of form and function.

“The shape of the counter creates a traffic circle of sorts and allows it to flow easily into the space,” noted Haseltine, who also referred to the custom-made leg for the counter extension table.




Brand new appliances purchased by the homeowner complement the dark paint on the cabinets, and the expansive whole sink is perfect for cleaning large pots and pans. Light colored walls, original hardwood flooring, natural wood around the windows and dark trim to sharpen the look have teamed up to allow for the exposure of multiple textures and materials, preserving the history of the house while simultaneously giving it is own unique style.

“This house has a voice now,” emphasized Haseltine.

Open floating shelves on the walls keep the space looking uncluttered while also opening up the area.

“ We were able to create these shelves with no visible brackets to allow for a seamless look,” stated Haseltine.

And while older cabinets may present with the remnants of time, Haseltine incorporated a darker paint, hiding the imperfections yet still maintaining their character. The original light fixtures create a timeless appeal without overcrowding the area.

“I enjoyed giving this smaller kitchen an elegant and welcoming appeal while still preserving its integrity with the rest of the house,” said Haseltine. “This house has been well-maintained over the years and is well loved.”



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