Kitchen Trends Moving Into 2019

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Your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring.

It can boast a layered, inviting and highly personal look.

Story by Ann Butenas

When redesigning or remodeling any area of your home, especially the kitchen, it can be a challenge to know exactly what is trending in designs. Typically speaking, many people may be a bit risk averse when remodeling a kitchen because it is such a significant aspect of the home and definitely an appreciable investment. While there will always be certain trends that maintain their presence in kitchen designs, there are a few up and coming ideas that are sure to please most any discerning homeowner. Your kitchen doesn’t have to just be a functional space; it can also be an area where colors, finishes and accent pieces play an important role without being overly-demanding. Instead, they make a perfect statement about who you are and how you like to live. 

If you are considering giving your kitchen a makeover in the coming year, Jim Williams, owner of Custom Works Remodeling, Inc., offers a few ideas and insights to take your potential kitchen remodeling project and make it the space of your dreams.

KCH&S: As we move into 2019, there seems to be many trends that have taken shape in the past year and are being carried over into the New Year. In working with your clients, what have you noticed in particular that seems to be a common denominator?

WILLIAMS: Old school is back. It is new again. By this, I am referring to simple shaker cabinets with a simple backsplash, along with weathered wood colors and shelves. This is actually one of my favorites, as it is timeless.

KCH&S: Are homeowners moving towards lighter or darker colors in the kitchen, especially in terms of cabinetry?

WILLIAMS: I see a lot of dark walnut, cherry and dark grey colors being requested for kitchens today. As white is still popular, the   darker colors are being used more. While I understand people will pick what’s “safe,” I actually appreciate and enjoy working with a “colorful” customer.

KCH&S: What is the latest trend in flooring?

WILLIAMS: I see people picking a lot of the fake vinyl tile that looks like wood or tile. Many people are choosing vinyl plank flooring, which is a good option as it comes in many choices, it is less expensive, easy to install, durable, nearly maintenance-free, and is waterproof.  Plus, as a green contractor, I appreciate it is a recycled plastic product that can easily turn into a beautiful floor. Among my clients, about eight in ten homeowners will pick this option after I show it to them. I actually use it in my own home and office.

KCH&S: What are some of the popular options in terms of shelving?

WILLIAMS: We are definitely seeing more open – also known as floating – shelving with tile placed around them. This is an inexpensive option as you don’t have to buy as many cabinets. It is not for everyone, but it is a great option. We also see many people requesting outlets on shelves or shelves designed to be charging stations for phones, etc. These work great in kitchen areas.

KCH&S: What other changes or updated elements are you seeing within kitchen redesign projects?

WILLIAMS: People tend to opt for nicer appliances, usually built-in, such as microwave drawers. These are great when you don’t have counter space or space above the oven to accommodate them. Lighting is important, too, especially undermount lighting, which is almost a “must” now. Plus, it can be dimmable, which is perfect for ambient lighting in the evening. Unique pendant lighting over islands and dining room tables is also popular.

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