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Imagine a kitchen that isn’t just beautiful, but a reflection of you. A space that flows as effortlessly as your morning coffee, where every detail reflects your personal style.

This is the magic that a certified designer can create. They are the artists and architects of your dreams, transforming your kitchen from a utilitarian space to the heart of your home.

With their expertise, NKBA and NCIDQ-certified designers have undergone rigorous testing and maintain their expertise through annual continuing education. They can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your project meets safety and functionality standards, all while keeping your vision at the forefront. 

When designing a kitchen, bath, or whole home, I endeavor to figure out what makes my clients tick, their daily rhythms, and determine how my design can create a seamless flow. I then integrate products and materials that infuse their personal style and take the design to the next level. 

So schedule a consultation today and let’s get started on creating your dream kitchen or bath!

Laura Suhr 


Suhr Interior Design

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