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When it comes to wine, everyone has their preferences. When it comes to wine storage, creativity has become uncorked. Whether it’s wall hanging, tabletop or freestanding, stowing your favorite vintages has never had more choices than now.

So you bought some wine but aren’t planning on partaking in it immediately. Here’s some storage tips that will keep you from fretting about it spoiling.

  • Top DictatesCork topped bottles need to be stored at a horizontal angle or upside down. This prevents the cork from drying out and won’t allow air into the bottle, which could spoil the wine. If you want to store your wine upright, opt for a plastic or glass screw top.
  • Not Shaken (or Stirred)Keeping wines on a wine rack prevents them from being shaken. Shaking can turn the wine gritty and become unpleasant to drink.
  • Watch Those ScentsWine breathes so don’t keep it directly near any food items that give off a strong smell, like garlic, as it could permeate through the bottle and taint the wine taste and smell. 

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