Jumping on the Paper Trail

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From botanicals to metallic hues, wallpaper has made a huge comeback.

Story by Ann Butenas

The resurgence of modern wallpapers with vibrant colors and designs are finding favor on the home front. And there are a myriad of designs to choose from: a blending of greenery and botanical with other natural elements, brand new geometric patterns, as well as revived vivid retro prints and metallics. It’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper is just the thing to do that.

Make no mistake; we’re not talking about the dated floral prints that lived on every wall in the 80s. Current trends bring a fresh, yet dimensional, update to any room, providing a variety of ways to incorporate your own personal design preferences.

Before you decide if you should make a statement with a featured wall or go all out and paper an entire room, we reached out to Interior Designer Amy Migliazzo, Allied ASID, with Amiglia Design Group to get her take on the wallpaper trends she’s seeing in 2019.

KCH&S: Is wallpaper making a comeback?

AMY: Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback. It’s very exciting to see because it is nothing like the paper that had been used in the past. It is bold and dimensional and making a statement. Some of the handmade artisan wallpapers are coming in specific sized strips rather than rolls. More as a strip of art work.

KCH&S: What type of popular patterns are you seeing?

AMY: We are seeing large format floral, abstract art, lots of geometrics and even low reliefs. When using the large prints, I will limit the paper to one wall so as not to overwhelm the room. Powder rooms are always a perfect place to wallpaper 4 walls or even the ceiling. For a traditional house you can use bold colors on grass cloth and make a fun statement.

KCH&S: Tell us about textured wallpaper you’re seeing or using.

AMY: One of the higher quality wallpaper companies (Look Wall) is letting you pick your substrate and then you choose your pattern. For instance, you can pick a linen, jute or sisal look paper and an abstract pattern or print to apply. I feel that it creates an artist’s canvas approach that is unique to your style.

KCH&S: Are 3D wall panels trending?

AMY: Yes, 3D wall panels are hot. They bring so much depth and creativity to a flat surface. They come in modular pieces that are easily installed. You can use a pre-designed pattern or take the panels and customize the design to your personality (or you can say, the panels offer opportunity to personalize a room). Some of the 3D panels also offer sound absorption qualities that can be useful in media rooms and play rooms.

KCH&S: Are whole rooms being papered or just accent walls or other areas?

AMY: With the larger patterns and 3 dimensional surfaces, one wall is generally selected. The wallpapers and panels are about bringing in interest and you don’t want to over design. The 3D patterns offer a plain fireplace-surround an interesting and unique look.

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