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Dom and Sydney have always been at home on the soccer field. Now they are truly at home in Kansas City.

Story by Ann E. Butenas   |   Photos by Gary Rohman




The playful banter between professional soccer players Dom Dwyer and his wife Sydney Leroux is almost as engaging as the actual sport they play. First it’s a punt from Sydney to Dom, “He’s a lover whereas I am more of a fighter. However, he’s changed me into more of a lover.”

Dom recovers and quickly shares his penchant for the occasional bout of orneriness.

“Sometimes my buddies and I will kick the ball around inside the house, but if we break something, she’ll tell us off,” he laughed. But instead of sending Dom to the box, Sydney simply reflects on how amazing her life truly is, especially in light of their 2015 nuptials and an exciting new page to their playbook: Little Dwyer (a boy!) is due in September of this year, and this couple couldn’t be more thrilled.

“We are both so excited. We enjoy living here in Kansas City,” smiled Dom. “This is such a great place to raise a family.”




Dom, 25, a forward for Sporting Kansas City, is originally from England. He came to the states to play college soccer and has played for five seasons with Sporting KC since he was selected in the first round of the 2012 MLS Super Draft after initially playing for former USL PRO affiliate Orlando City Soccer Club. His list of accomplishments on the field read long and impressive and include winning the MLS Cup in 2013 and the Open Cup in 2015. He was also named as an MLS All-Star in 2014 and has scored 69 goals in all competitions since 2013, 47 of which were for Sporting KC.

Sydney’s career is equally stellar. A native of British Columbia, Canada, Sydney, also 25, is currently a forward for FC Kansas City in the National Women’s Soccer League; is a former Olympic gold medalist, making her way to Kansas City by way of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, Boston Breakers, and Seattle Reign; and will always cherish winning the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015 in her hometown of Vancouver.

On a break from the game one day in 2013, the couple serendipitously met at a little bar in Kansas City. She was visiting with the Boston team and he already lived here. Friends introduced the pair and they have been together ever since, proving to one another that the best love is the one person who makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.




“Sydney is a very intelligent, sweet and funny person,” expressed Dom. “She is not just beautiful, but she also has the biggest heart.”

Without missing a beat, Sydney remains a strong part of the mutual admiration club here.

“Dom is the most non-judgmental person I have ever known,” she emphasized. “Since I first met him, he has always been very supportive of me and has always had my back.”

While books could be written about both of these incredible talents, what matters most to them is simply being together in a place they call home and looking forward to an amazing future together as a family, the best team on earth. And when Little Dwyer is added to the family roster this fall, he can be confident that he has joined a team that offers a host of benefits, as he will move into a home embraced with unconditional love that promises to give him all the playing time he desires.




The place Dom and Sydney now call home is a mid-century, 4,000 square foot residence located on the Missouri side of the state line within arm’s reach of Brookside and Mission Hills. This charmer sports a French Country appeal and consists of four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. When this power couple first set foot inside its welcoming interior, they realized they were truly home, and have since added their own personal touch to the space.

“We’ve done quite a bit of remodeling to it since we bought it,” said Dom, noting that it was not quite up to date and that they wanted to bring it into the 21st century accompanied by their own tastes and style, which includes a lot of simple and sleek white accents.

“I have a thing for white,” Dom confessed.




In order to breathe new life into the design, the couple installed new flooring, lighting, a new garage door, painted the kitchen cabinets, and more. One notable design project has been the nursery upstairs.

“We hired IKEA to design the room,” said Sydney. “They just came in and we had them do whatever they wanted. They definitley surprised us in the end and we are so happy with it.”

Two additional bedrooms are located upstairs, one serving as a guest room and another as somewhat of a multipurpose room, currently being used for Sydney’s personal photography pursuits. An additional room, akin to an attic space, already has possibility written all over it, as Dom one day plans to turn it into a movie theater.




The master suite is located on the main level, along with the kitchen, living room and dining-room-turned-into-pool hall. When the pair is not challenging each other or their friends and family to a game of pool, the billiards table actually doubles as a dining table…and then back to a pool table or even a ping pong table.

“We have a top for it that turns it into a table,” explained Dom, who admitted the room is primarily used, however, for fun and games. “A traditional dining room is really a waste of space, and we wanted a room we could really use.”

The burgundy/wine colors in the room, along with the hardwood flooring, add a layer of warmth to the space and a special part of the room is a wooden surfboard upon which three flags are adorned: England, Canada and the United States, a loving gift created by Dom’s dad’s best friend. A Hall-of-Fame type of cabinet is also located in this room that is home to multiple awards and honors both Dom and Sydney have received throughout their respective careers.

The living room is another popular hang out, with its expansive table that gives the appearance of drift wood, along with a cozy gas fireplace and an enclosed bar behind the cabinets.




Just off the living room is the kitchen, which has been seeing a lot of  activity lately, now that Sydney has a bit more down time to experiment with different recipes. Dom indicated that while he initially was the family chef, he concedes that now Sydney has exercised a bit of impressive culinary prowess, so he’ll just assist as needed.

“She has become quite the cook lately,” he smiled. “Her talents are endless.”

Through the window just above the kitchen sink, a great view of the indoor pool and workout area below can be seen. Dom and Sydney enjoy relaxing with a swim or just hanging out with friends poolside after a long day at work.

On warmer days, the fenced-in backyard, complete with several nice trees, a patio, a grilling area and a fire pit, makes the perfect gathering spot for family and friends.

“We need to do some landscaping work, though,” Dom said.




For now, it is the perfect playground for their three dogs to run and play. As they await the arrival of Baby Dwyer, canines Boss, a Chihuahua; Daisy, a Goldendoodle and Koba, a Boxer mix, pretty much run the show, but two of them defer to the one four-legged family member who gives the appearance of being Top Dog.

“Boss is a total rule-breaker,” grinned Sydney. “He pretty much calls the shots around here.”

When it comes to who’s the best player in the house, however, Dom and Sydney don’t keep score. Even when pressed to admit as to who can athletically out-perform the other, Dom has already memorized the official playbook for husbands.

“Let’s just say she doesn’t play like a girl,” he smiled. “She’s pretty tough.”




Despite coming from geographic regions vastly different than the heartland, they both have discovered a new home here in Kansas City and enjoy taking advantage of all it has to offer, whether taking in a movie, going on walks with their dogs, spending time at Top Golf improving their other game, or relaxing over dinner at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar on the Plaza.

“We enjoy an active lifestyle,” noted Sydney, who, despite taking this season off from play in order to prepare for Little Dwyer’s arrival, still works out regularly to keep in shape. It’s important to stay in fighting form for her professional home team.

However, Sydney waxes philosophical when it comes to confessing what home really means to her.




“The people you have surrounding you are what makes you feel at home,” she expressed. “We can make a home anywhere, but we are excited to start a family here.”

“We love it here,” expressed Dom. “We enjoy having our home here. It’s a great place to raise a family.”

Note to Little Dwyer: We think you’re going to have a ball!

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