Garage Doors Transformed

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Emerging trends in residential garage doors reveal a blend of advanced technology, eco-conscious materials, and designs that amplify aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos courtesy of Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City

Residential garage doors are not just functional elements but also significant contributors to a home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. Over the years, they have evolved significantly, with shifts in design, material, and technology reflecting both practical needs and changing style trends. Come with us as we delve into the latest trends shaping the residential garage door landscape.

We spoke with garage door industry professional, Mike Guthrie, Vice President of Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City, who shed some light on the latest trends and styles dominating the residential garage door landscape. An often-overlooked part of your home’s appearance, the right garage doors can not only enhance your home’s overall curb appeal, but they can potentially add more value to your home.

KCH&S:  What is the most popular garage door style now?

RAYNOR:  Contemporary doors continue to trend, especially with modern style windows. We are also seeing more and more requests for custom wood doors with exotic wood materials.

KCH&S: What are some of the types of materials used for garage doors?

RAYNOR:  The most commonly used materials include steel, wood, aluminum/glass, and composite overlays.

KCH&S:  Does one type of material have greater advantages over another? If so, what would that be? 

RAYNOR:  Most doors today are made of materials that require less maintenance. Wood doors still require more maintenance than other types of materials.

KCH&S:  What are some popular colors for garage doors?

RAYNOR:  Custom colors are available for many garage door lines. Homeowners can also choose from different textures and finish styles, such as the new “Lustra” finish from Clopay and the “Axolot!” from Amarr. While neutral colors are still popular, some homeowners are opting for a bolder look along with custom finishes to elevate the aesthetics of the doors as well as the overall curb appeal.

KCH&S:  What are some of the latest technologies used with garage doors today?

RAYNOR:  The technology ecosystem called myQ from Liftmaster allows you to monitor your garage door from your phone and also receive live feeds via cameras on the garage door opener.

KCH&S:  How are garage doors used to make creative use of a space? (i.e. – a door is put on a garage, but the garage is actually used for another purpose now)

RAYNOR:  We see garage areas now being used as work out rooms, party areas, yoga studios, and entertainment areas, to name a few.

KCH&S:  What are some of the decorative hardware and window options for garage doors?

RAYNOR:  There are a multitude of different hardware options, as well as window styles and sizes to meet most everyone’s needs. These may include traditional window styles to sleek, slim window designs.

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