Linen Suit Separates for Early Summer

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge    |    Photos by Sabrina Osborn

Summers in KC can come on strong: high temperatures and major humidity, with steady winds whipping up from the south bringing more of the same. Staying chic is a tall order! Here are some tips I use as spring gives way to summer.

One of the biggest styling hacks is choosing fabrics that breathe. It’s so important! Layer on too much polyester (even the lightest weaves) or denim, and you’ll be putting your antiperspirant to the test in no time. You want to keep things breezy: think lightweight cotton, linen, and bamboo.

The main elements of this look are just that: breezy and breathable. This linen blazer is very summer-friendly with its vertical blue stripe. I also love the scrunched sleeve – an instant cool factor that helps the piece feel more appropriate for June. These light khaki linen trousers have the right amount of slouch, so they feel intentional and not like pajamas.

While red has been having a major fashion moment both last winter and into the spring, we’re seeing a lot more blue in the mix. Any shade is approved, but I love adding cobalt to a look. This cobalt silk tank really pops and brings out that deeper stripe in the blazer, all while staying in the lane of a lightweight summer fabric.

A pair of white pointed-toe pumps with a wooden block heel elevate the look (although you could absolutely go more casual with a sneaker), and statement earrings drive my cobalt blue point home. While I was putting this outfit together with the office in mind, it can go so many places – brunch with your pals, family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day, or any number of baby and wedding showers.

And don’t forget to remix! Blue not your thing? Any bright hue works here: think ruby red, emerald green, royal purple. Want something softer? Try a pastel like blush, mint, or lilac. You can make this your own!

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