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Making Under-Deck Guttering Stylish and Functional

For a deck that comes out on top, it’s what underneath it that counts!


Sometimes you don’t realize you need or want something until you discover it exists. That just might be the case with the amazing creations of Dry Deck Ceilings: beautiful, rainproof under-deck ceilings, also known as under-deck guttering. If your home has a deck with patio or storage space below, this could prove to be a fantastic addition to your outdoor living area. The aesthetic value is undeniable, considering these ceilings vanish the unfinished raw lumber overhead and the accumulation of dirt streaks, algae and bird/wasp nests. The ceiling also keeps all the nasty drip-through off of your patio furnishings or hot tub or grill. Plus, you can enjoy your clean, finished-looking outdoor space even in rainy weather.

Dry Deck Ceilings operates primarily in the Kansas City metro area but has installed deck ceilings as far away as the Lake of the Ozarks. Owner Al Adriance did his 100th under-deck ceiling installation this past Fall and could certainly write the book on it now. However, he describes his learning curve as both brutal and challenging.

“There wasn’t any book on it when I started, literally,” he emphasized. “Much of what I learned from others on installing these ceilings I had to un-learn. Early on, I heard many sad stories from other contractors who had tried to rig up an under-deck ceiling to accommodate a customer. Once I got started at it, I quickly found out the reason for all the sad stories.”

Because of his keen attention to his craft and his eye for detail, Adriance now routinely produces a stunning end result that makes a deck look like a natural extension of the home, but he is quick to give credit where it is due.

“I actually owe my customers in a big way,” he explained. “I’m continually figuring out new improvements but a huge amount of the evolution of our product has come from my customers’ ideas.”


So, what exactly is an under-deck ceiling? It is a rainproof, drip-proof ceiling that is affixed to the underside of your Kansas City deck, allowing you to congregate, socialize and relax on the patio beneath your deck, no matter the elements outside, keeping you and your patio furnishings clean and dry. Made of .032” thick aluminum panels that are available in 27 colors, they are resistant to rust and are of the heaviest gauge used in the under-deck ceiling industry. Each Dry Deck Ceiling installation comes with a warranty on materials and workmanship that is valid for as long as your deck frame boards (joists) are still intact.

Adriance could best be described as the most experienced under-deck ceiling installer in the metro area and he attends to each project with the utmost of attention to detail and perfection.

“I love creating big, positive effects, and these ceilings do that every time,” he smiled. “I custom-make low-profile gutters that resemble trim instead of slapping up a tacky looking piece of plain eaves gutter. The final overall appeal of an under-deck ceiling is also related to the trim work, around the sides of the ceiling, around the stairs and around any beams.”

An under-deck ceiling completely alters the look of a space, taking it from a routine deck to an eye-catching work of art that is ultra-finished.

“My clients never fully anticipate what it will look like until they see the finished product, and then they are amazed,” emphasized Adriance.


Perhaps the most compelling evidence for the viability of Adriance’s ceilings is that they don’t leak. He’s perfected his system regarding not just the visual element appeal, but also the mechanics of it. So his under-deck ceilings mean less maintenance on the patio furniture that sits under the deck.

Additionally, with a Dry Deck Ceiling, you can confidently put up an outdoor flat screen TV, sit back and watch your favorite show, remaining dry while enjoying the great outdoors. Adriance can also add ceiling fans and/or LED ceiling lights, enhancing the warmth of the space.

If you are considering livening up your deck and making the most of that space both above and below, then consider installing a Dry Deck Ceiling from a well-established company that is readily available to meet your needs and that has a solid system in place for precise installation, as is Adriance’s.

Adriance expressed, “I’m excited to see what the future holds for this fledgling industry. It’s easy for me to meet increasing demand. It’s just a matter of people knowing that they can have something really cool that they didn’t even know existed!”


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