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If you’re anxious to get outside and play in the dirt, these books can point you in the right direction and provide ideas for unique gardens and projects.


Native Plants of the Midwest

by Alan Branhagen

This book features the best native plants in the heartland and offers clear and concise guidance on how to use them in the garden. Plant profiles for more than 500 species of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, ground covers, bulbs, and annuals with growing information and tips on using the plant in a landscape.

Shrubs and Hedges

by Eva Monheim

Discover, Grow, and Care for the World’s Most Popular Plants. This practical, ordinary person’s guide will help you in choosing, planting, and caring for the world’s most popular plants, Whether they’re flowering shrubs or evergreen hedges this book delivers all the know-how you’ll need to grow beautiful, healthy shrubs.

Vertical Gardening

by Derek Fell

Grow Up, Not Out, for More Vegetables and Flowers in much less space with vertical gardening. Featuring 100 color photos showing beautiful, trouble-free perennials, shrubs, vegetables, annuals, and fruit perfect for this new, rewarding way to garden that shrinks the amount of “floor” space needed and focuses on climbing plants.

Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Pots 

by Aaron Bertelsen

Beautifully illustrated, this book provides clear, practical information on growing fruit and vegetables in containers, whether that be a window box or a terracotta pot on a balcony. You will be guided on what to grow, which pots to use, given personal tips on varieties to choose, and advice on cultivation and care.

The Essential Aromatherapy Garden 

by Julia Lawless

This illustrated guide to growing and using scented plants and herbs is a life-style book that will appeal to those who use essential oils and herbs for their healing properties and those looking for inspiration and practical tips for creating and cultivating aromatherapy gardens. An essential home reference book on herbs and oils.

Small Space Garden Ideas

by Phillppa Pearson

Small garden, tiny garden, or no garden at all? This book is perfect for people who have very little room for gardening, whether a doorstep, balcony, or part of a wall. Get inspired to decorate your (lack of) outdoor space with more than 40 inventive projects to grow plants where space is tight.

Gardening Alchemy

by Stephanie Rose

This gardening recipe and project book is packed with over 80 ideas to naturally beautify your garden, using organic methods that regenerate your soil and revitalize your plants. By following the processes that are closest to nature, it brings the gardener in sync with the garden, allowing plants to thrive with less effort and less cost.

The Complete Book of Ferns

by Mobee Weinstein

Houseplants are more popular than ever, and no category is hotter than ferns. This book is a comprehensive reference on how to grow ferns both indoor and outdoor, and also features 70+ profiles. Every aspect of fern care is covered: potting/planting, watering, fertilizing, disease and pest control, and more.

The Pollinator Victory Garden 

by Kim Eierman

The book shows how to transition your landscape into a pollinator haven by creating a habitat that includes pollinator nutrition, larval host plants for butterflies and moths, and areas for egg laying, nesting, sheltering, overwintering, resting, and warming. Help these essential animals and keep your yard beautiful and bountiful!

Essential Succulents

by Ken Shelf

Succulents have become increasingly popular for their low-maintenance use as indoor decoration and in home gardening. From simple houseplants and drought-friendly landscaping to decorative wreaths and trendy mason jar terrariums, inside this ultimate guide, budding succulent enthusiasts will gain the know-how needed to begin growing, decorating with, and enjoying these amazing plants.

Organic Gardening for Everyone

by CaliKim

Eating organically grown vegetables is a fast-growing way of life for millions. Still, so many people who want to grow healthy vegetables at home have hesitated because it seems too hard and time-consuming. Now everyone can get started with this book, which is loaded with practical advice and step-by-step guidance.

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