Creating the Perfect Fall Planter

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In just 10 easy steps, your porch can make a statement with this colorful planter.

Crisp mornings, the turning of leaves, and rich shades of oranges and yellows – Fall is in the air. This season is a favorite of many, including Sara Antin, owner of GardenStyle. When we met up with Sara, she shared tips and tidbits on how to create a Fall planter that can really add that pop to your porch, making you the envy of neighbors. “Fall is my favorite time,” smiled Sara. “I love creating Fall pots. They are so fun and add a great statement to any setting. With these easy steps, you can create a Fall planter you’ll love.”

The amount of creativity you can show with your planter is endless and designed with the right plants they can last through Thanksgiving. Sara’s starting tip: “When thinking of colors, think Autumn leaves… that’s a great place to start.” Make a list of traditional items that have impact. Sara’s “go to’s” are ornamental cabbage, chrysanthemums, coral bells, dried bittersweet, mini to mid-sized pumpkins, grasses, and twigs. “If you’re not a Traditionalist, think of Traditionalist items, but perhaps in untraditional colors to add impact to your planter,” shared Sara.

And Sara’s 2nd tip: “Don’t be afraid to mix in faux items with the real thing. Fall leaves are short lived so to keep your pot looking fresh for weeks, use faux and it will look great. When selecting your faux items, think toned down colors as they tend to look more realistic.”

Ready to get started?

1.  Insert three White Birch poles into your favorite pot. You can purchase them at your local garden center. They provide height, elegance and a great pop of white is always a winner.

2.  Place large ornamental cabbage in the front of the pot. This one is called Ruby Perfection and adds a punch of color with their purple veins and hints of silver.

3.  Add in a colorful perennial, such as this Autumn Leaves Coral Bell. It complements the colors of Fall, contrasts with the cabbage and adds texture to the pot.

4.  Place Creeping Jenny around the perimeter of the pot, hanging it over the edges. As a perennial, it will come back in the spring, along with the Coral Bells.

5.  To add height and a hint of drama, place a Millett near the center of the pot.

6.  Here’s where faux comes into play to keep your arrangement looking fresh. Select 4-6 fall picks to place in the pot that add height and a contrast of color.

7.  Place a medium sized faux white pumpkin on either side of the pot. Faux are the way to go as they won’t wilt, mildew or get eaten by hungry critters.

8.  Bittersweet! Add some very fine wire to the stems and create the look of it climbing up the birch poles. Place additional piece at the bottom so it is spilling out of the pot.

9.  Add some sprigs of faux Queen Ann’s Lace, placing it as a group to make it look as though it had been planted.

10.  Tuck in a few faux fall leaves, wiring them to the poles.

Step back and enjoy! You’re going to love it!

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