Breezy Blue Bathroom

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Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photography by Laurie Kilgore Photography

This guest bathroom makeover stands as the perfect complement to the environment in which it is situated. With a full bathroom on the lower level of a transitional home with a modern flair throughout, the owners wanted a place for family and friends to freshen up after spending time in and around the backyard pool.

“Everyone comes in and out from the pool and uses this bathroom, which is just off the lower level guest bedroom and easily accessible from the pool,” noted Maureen Lindstrom, interior designer and owner of ML Designs. “When the owners purchased the home, the basement was finished but they wanted to put their own personal stamp on it.”

The bathroom was an integral part of expressing their own voice and lifestyle.

“We brought the blue color into this bathroom to reflect the color of the pool, highlighting it with brass accents,” noted Lindstrom, who indicated the prior design leaned towards darker colors and more of a Western motif. “This bathroom remodel was part of an overall basement refresh.”

The deep navy blue vanity with its striking geometric pulls stands in stunning concert with the blue palm-printed wallpaper.

“I like doing large, oversized vanity pulls which makes it seem more like a piece of furniture,” expressed Lindstrom.

The white quartz countertop presents with a unique marble-like appearance providing just the right amount of movement while simultaneously offering the perfect platform upon which the brass fixtures stand. The wall sconces flanking the mirror add a simple, elegant touch and give ample lighting to this predominantly fun and vibrant space that hints of a tropical vibe while still holding its confident presence within the overall design of the finished basement.


  • Interior Design: ML Designs
  • Countertops: Dimensional Stoneworks
  • Lighting: Wilson Lighting

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