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Builder: Chris Ashner

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With three decades of home construction to his name, Chris Ashner, owner of Bodine-Ashner Builders Legacy, LLC, has clearly learned to adapt to an ever-changing market with one of the sharpest tools in his tool kit: innovation. Ashner is known for his ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled inspirations which he artfully weaves into each of his home designs. For him, it is not just about the basics of construction; it is also about the depth of imagination he integrates into each project.

Employing architectural interest is a common theme throughout his creations. He has the vision to take an ordinary part of a home and transform it into the extraordinary, giving it purpose and personality, allowing his ideas to flow and develop themselves in a surprisingly unexpected way. For example, where one might simply see a blank wall, Ashner sees an architectural canvas, inserting open shelving or textured accents to elevate that space to a higher standard. His strength rests not only in what he can do with his hands, but also in what he can do with his mind.

“I look for opportunities to insert inspiration and innovation,” he stated.

Ashner comes by his trade naturally. His father, a home builder since the 1950s, embraced old school approaches such as the installation of wood burning brick fireplaces instead of prefabricated facades. Ashner honed his skills under that guidance. However, he understands the evolutionary process of the industry and has seen countless changes and approaches over time that require his attention. He also appreciates how the Kansas City area might not be as drastically affected as larger markets.

“Kansas City has been a bit of an anomaly in general because we have so many small builders as opposed to other metropolitan areas that might have one or two large builders,” noted Ashner. “As a result, it keeps the prices down and makes homes in this area more affordable than in markets such as Denver, Atlanta, or St. Louis.”

Ashner’s company has a strategic focus on building quality homes at the luxury level, creating a true custom home that exudes that desired flavor of luxury but has an affordable price tag,

“I focus on balancing features, quality and affordability,” he emphasized.

With that mindset, Ashner confidently approaches change within his industry with enthusiasm and inventiveness. The current pandemic, for example, has created the need to do things a bit differently with respect to building a home. Virtual openings and contactless buying have become standard operating procedure, as have the designs and floorplans for homes in this unique market.

“Now we see a need for more personal space in homes as more people are working from home,” indicated Ashner. “Homeowners may want two home offices and a place for kids to study and play. Ideally, we need to allocate more spaces for those purposes.”

As Ashner focuses on the changing needs of clients, he continues with his impressive portfolio of community developments, in partnership with his brother Jeff Ashner. Their current project is the subdivision of Wilshire Hills, located between Antioch and Switzer on 167th Street.

“We are developing this area to accommodate 70 luxury home sites and have already started construction of the subdivision,” noted Ashner, who hopes to have lots developed within the neighborhood by the end of 2021 or early in 2022.

“We are focused on affordable luxury homes for southern Johnson County,” he expressed.

With prices starting around $500,000, Wilshire Hills is situated on 36 acres and is an enclosed subdivision, entirely surrounded by existing properties and tucked away from heavily-trafficked streets.

“There will be a 1,000 foot long entry into the neighborhood, so you will not be able to see any of the homes from the road,” Ashner noted. “It is a secluded enclave that will offer a resort-style pool, ample greenspace, numerous outdoor areas and a nice facility for community gatherings.”

Interested homeowners can enjoy a great lot anywhere within the community, as none of the lots back up to busy streets. Ashner’s home designs for this project will include what the current market craves, including spaces to work and learn from home, in-home theaters and exercise rooms. In addition, technology will be employed to further enhance the living environment. For Ashner, keeping an eye on technological developments is a focal point, as he understands the velocity at which it is changing how people live and work.

“I have read that a Tesla hook-up may be installed in homes in the future, as well as other charging stations for electric/hybrid cars,” he said.

Ashner indicated the technology implications will be important to consider in future home designs, as these elements allow home owners to be more productive and embrace a more efficient way of living.

“I also see more aging-in-place features being added to homes, with owners remodeling their homes to assist older parents who may live with them,” said Ashner.

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