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Builder: Mike Powell

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Mike Powell, owner of BeHome LLC, couldn’t have picked a better company name for the era of COVID quarantines.

The name originally alluded to that moment when your vacation ends and you just want to be home — in the comfort of your own space and surrounded by all the things you love.

These days, “home” is a powerful presence in our lives, and Powell wants to make the best version of it he can for his clients.

Formerly “a bored banker” who built houses on the side, Powell walked away to pursue this passion of his to give people a place to put down roots and do it in a way that uniquely serves them. His team excels at creating customized products that are as individual as each buyer.

BeHome has 12 floor plans in rotation, but rarely does the company build the same house twice. Each floor plan is tweaked by an in-house architect.

“The No. 1 things that attracts our clients to us is our flexibility in design,” Powell says. “If a client has a unique set of needs, we can help them.”

One specific plan that BeHome builds is popular because of its superior flexibility: The Renew.

The 1.5-story house leans on the modern side, with a three-story entry, and has been reverse engineered to maximize cost efficiency per square foot.

Powell has altered this plan a number of ways in the last year to evolve in step with the way people are now using their homes.

The kitchen has been reworked to account for more cooking; the laundry room is bigger and more integrated into the daily routine; a dedicated home office is now a necessity, whether for remote learning or working from home; and a connection to outdoor living is highly desirable, such as with double sliding doors to a screened-in porch or four-season room.

In general, Powell describes BeHome’s aesthetic as “less traditional,” a style active, young families typically seek. Buyers want raw elements like wood and walnut, interesting wainscoting patterns, and glass-front appliances with mix and match colors.

“We adopted the modern farmhouse look way faster than other builders,” Powell adds, also noting that the style is already slowly fading away and that he is always looking for the next big thing. When traveling, Powell studies the area’s architecture and design to see what ideas he can bring home to include in his next homes.

All the options are on the table and laid out upfront for buyers in a 39-page comprehensive workbook to help start the process and avoid any future change orders. Many unique items buyers commonly upgrade to are included standard.

“It’s a communication tool, and we use it to make this a fun process,” Powell says.

Buyers then work with his talented interior designer to make each home a reality.

“She has the ability to hear their ideas and foresee how that image and design will look and feel, then communicate to the team how to make it flourish, and on a budget — emphasis on BUDGET, as that’s critical,” Powell praises.

One trend in homebuilding Powell always promotes is the integration of technology — and BeHome is at the forefront of its inclusion into new homes.

“Technology has evolved from just a few years ago when everything had to be pre-wired to being completely wireless,” Powell says.

Buyers commonly ask him to install Ring doorbells, Nest thermostats and even Wifi hubs in the garage, plus automated lighting, appliances and ventilation packages that they can access via smart phone from anywhere.

BeHome’s attention to detail isn’t just for the building process — it’s also found in the relationship building Powell shares with buyers.

“I have the best and most experienced superintendents but I’m  going to be the one there with buyers on those walk-throughs,” Powell says. “I show them all the features and how to take care of the home so they know what to expect.”

His novel approach to building has led his company to triple in size and earnings year after year.

This year, BeHome will build between 40-60 new houses on private land and in communities on the Missouri side of the state line, including the Northland, Liberty and Lee’s Summit. Of those, about 20 percent of them will be full custom jobs, Powell estimates.

Even at that build rate, Powell is adamant about being personally available to clients who carefully chose him to build their dream home.

“It’s really about partnerships and leaving a legacy for families,” he says.

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