Balancing Act

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Located in the Longview area, this master bedroom creates a mixture of color and personality.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek




The client had but one primary request when enlisting the services of Michelle Ford, Allied ASID and owner of Michelle Ford Design: Color! Color! Color! Located in the Longview area in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, this master bedroom in a secured apartment community belongs to a young married couple who wanted to purchase pieces for the room that would eventually transition with them when the ultimately buy their first home. For now, however, they had to work with the space they had, making the most of the pieces incorporated into while still forecasting what their future needs and tastes might require.

“They did not want pieces that would be temporary,” emphasized Ford, who assisted with the selection of everything, from the bed to the night stand and the dresser, opting for pieces that give a strong nod to a transitional vibe, blending traditional elements with a modern flair.




“We tried to establish balance in the room, creating a mixture of color the client desired and partnering that with more neutral tones, adding some personality to the space yet also giving it a restful and peaceful feeling,” explained Ford, noting they essentially started the project from the ground up, providing everything to create the look except for the flooring and the lighting, which was already in place.

“We wanted to start clean and fresh, knowing they will add to it over time,” said Ford.

Among the featured highlights in the room are the white window treatments with a coral trellis pattern, which partner easily with the warm feel of the furniture, best described as hardwoods with a stippled stain wood finish. One of the talking points of the space is the mirrored piece above the headboard of the bed.




“Those are actually four mirrors that I purchased from Uttermost,” noted Ford. “I simply hung them side-by-side together to give the appearance of one solid piece.” The center of each  individual piece is convex, sticking out against the antiqued mirrored background. These pieces can be easily reconfigured to create a fresh new design.

Having a master bedroom in an apartment setting may not always offer everything one desires, but Ford has created a unique look that complements the clients’ personalities while simultaneously allowing for change.

“As the clients’ tastes change over the years, the furniture and accessories will grow with them,” she said. “I really like the way this room looks and feels now. It’s uncluttered and has a great personality all its own.”



Designer:  Michelle Ford Design    |    Bed, Nightstand and Dresser:  Nebraska Furniture Mart    |    Bedside Lamp and Bench:  Wayfair   |   Wall Art (above bed):  Uttermost    |    Wall Art (accessories):  ZGallerie    |     Lamp, Dresser Accessories:  Home Goods    |    Various Bedding Pieces:  West Elm and Home Goods

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