ASID Trends: Tile

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Countertops, Millwork and Outdoor Kitchens

Monochromatic color pallets! The market is shifting back to earthy beiges and browns. Beige is back! In the solid finish world trends are headed towards natural stone visuals like vicenza, ceppo, travertine stones, and Venetian plaster looks. Vicenza, ceppo, and travertine visuals are the inspiration for the Dekton Pietra Kode series while Venetian plaster textures inspire the Dekton Kraftizen series.

Dekton by Cosentino is a new category of products suitable for any solid finish needs in residential and commercial projects. Production starts with taking the minerals for a desired color, compacting them under 25,000 tons of pressure, high-velocity mineral printing the desired color and visual, and then firing it to become one product. Dekton adds beauty to any of your solid finish needs.

Ty Sandoval

COSENTINO: Architect And Design Sales Manager

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