ASID Trends: Colors of Nature

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Colors of NatureBringing the Outdoors In

Color has power to change mood, behavior, and emotion in interior spaces. Being organic in makeup ourselves, we crave sensory variety through nature’s colors to stimulate and soothe our most inner beings. Blue, the color of sky and water, lowers our heart rate and promotes serenity and focus. Green, the color of nature, opens up breathing and relaxes muscles, Yellow, the luminosity of sunshine, stimulates cheerfulness, generates muscle energy and promotes memory. Brown, a mixture of all three primary colors, anchors us to the earth through its warmth and depth, and provides a sense of comfort and safety. Promoting natural daylighting strategies, using full spectrum lamps (light bulbs), and opening sightlines to nature’s views can enhance health, productivity in our everyday lives.

Kathryn Grube

Functional Color Solutions

MID, NCIDQ, LEED AP, ASID Professional Member

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