ASID Trends: Bold Blues

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There is a resurgence of one of my favorite colors. Bold Blue to be exact. You will see this color on appliances, cabinetry, furniture and accent walls. Blue is also associated with trust, loyalty, stability and confidence. Strong and regal words that stand the test of time.

The beauty of navy blue is that it gives you depth without limits. Not to discount Black, but it can be somewhat limiting.  Blue complements many color hues and saturations without taking over. In plain “color” English that means blue looks great with muddied or bright colors in the rainbow spectrum.

Wall Paper: Schumacher   |   Tile: Lunada Bay / Origami Field Moxie

Cabinetry: Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry Emerge Series   |   Furniture: Made Goods / Collection: Maris

All of the new metallic finishes on hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures really pop next to the blue. You will also find that most artwork comes to life with the blue wall background.

Blue can be incorporated into a traditional or modern home. Keep in mind that you can  be creative

when using blue without being overdone. If a blue wall or oven are too bold of a choice for you, put blue on a piece of furniture and carry it over to the draperies. Navy blue is a timeless or classic color that will not look dated in 5-10 years.

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